Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Random photos from a while back...

Hi! Not much to report at the moment so I figured I'd share a few pics from a while back. These were from about a month or so ago, just a night at home with Jacob. In all of these he's hanging out on our ottoman. In the first two he's captivated by hockey on TV. Notice that he has a hockey stick in one hand and a maraca (from my parents' trip to Mexico) in the other. And his baseball bat isn't far from his grasp.

I guess I finally got his attention for this one!

Then a couple weeks ago we visited Great Aunt Lynne and Great Uncle Cliff, who live about 15 minutes away from us. Their granddaughter, Jordan, was in town on her 6th birthday and we were invited over for cake. Yum! Jacob, being the difficult child he is sometimes, didn't want any cake or ice cream. That should be a good thing, I suppose, but seriously...what kid passes up cake and ice cream?! Regardless, we enjoyed our cake and ice cream, and Jacob enjoyed playing with his cousins. A nerf basketball game broke out in the hallway, and Jacob wanted to be in the middle of it all! Here's Jacob and Daddy (Jacob's official slam dunk assistant) in the middle of the fun...and yes, the lacrosse stick makes yet another appearance on the blog...

Our little multi-sport man...the next Bo Jackson or Deion Sanders? Perhaps, but let's hope he's a whole lot more down-to-earth! :)

Not much else to report. Lots of tantrums these days, but we're managing. Good thing he's as cute as ever when he is behaving!

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