Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Graduate

Last night Jacob graduated from preschool.  It doesn't really change anything in the short term, since he'll still be going to the same place every day until September, but technically, he has finished preschool and is headed toward Kindergarten.  Coincidentally, his Kindergarten orientation is Tuesday morning.  That is going to be quite the experience--our first time at his school, meeting new people, going on a real bus ride.  I laughed last night as I realized that the same thing happened to me--I graduated high school, and a few days later I was off to my college orientation.  That experience wasn't so great--more disorienting than anything (haha)--but I'm hoping Jacob's gets him really excited for school.

Anyway, the graduation was held in the church that the daycare is adjacent to.  Jacob had said a few weeks ago that he wanted to wear a shirt and tie for graduation, and I assumed he'd change his mind (or more likely, decide after we bought it that he didn't want to after all), but on Thursday he insisted he still did and we went out to find him a shirt and tie.  He looked so handsome!  Craig got to daycare a little early to get him changed, and by the time I arrived a little after 6pm, I was informed that I had just missed a major meltdown about his shoes--apparently he didn't want to scuff them up, but I have no idea where he thought he would do that.  Fortunately a couple things calmed the tantrum, and they were back in business.

When they all processed in, Jacob looked so fancy in his shirt, tie, gown, and cap!  He was a little fixated on his tassel...

The director and teachers did speeches, and the kids sang some cute songs about going to Kindergarten. The one teacher mentioned that she'd never been shown up by a kid when talking about sports as much as she had this year, and I know she was talking about Jacob!  Later on they did awards for each kid, basically a guess on what their future occupation would be based on their in-classroom skills and personality.  The rule-follower would be a policeman, Jacob's buddy Mason a soccer player like his dad, the girl who loves their beauty shop center a hairstylist, etc.  And, not surprisingly, Jacob was deemed a "sports announcer" since he will talk about sports all the time, to anyone who will listen.

At one point I caught this picture of him...
...And after they got their diplomas, each kid had to walk up to the microphone and say why they wanted to go to Kindergarten.  My guess was that he'd say he wants to go so he can play baseball.  But he walked right up to the microphone and confidently stated, "I want to go to Kindergarten so I can play basketball!"  Craig figured that Jacob equated Kindergarten with a school with a gym, and gyms have basketball hoops.

At the end of the ceremony, the recessional was done to "It's Raining Men" because the the big joke of the night is that the class had all these boys and only two girls!  The teachers have definitely been troopers, because life with all these boys is definitely interesting.  So, right at the end, they pulled out some umbrellas and sang along to the song.  Very creative!

Afterward there was a reception in the church basement.  There was pizza, salads (that we all made), fruit, and cake.  Each kid got a water bottle full of candy and a balloon...

Jacob was a little crazy after it was all over, and the kids were all running around and bopping each other with balloons, but I did manage to capture this shot...because who knows when he'll be willing to wear a shirt and tie again!

Once we were home, Jacob ended up changing into shorts and flip flops and came out of his room dancing.  What a goof ball!

He says he wants to graduate again, but the good news for him is that he'll get to do it all over again next year when he finishes Kindergarten.  How is my baby going to Kindergarten?  We go to orientation on Tuesday, so that will be interesting.

As far as graduation, though, I ended up not being as emotional as I expected.  I got a little misty on the way there thinking about how five years ago I was pregnant and couldn't even fathom what it would be like to have a kindergartner, and now here we are.  It's been one heck of a ride, and it's still just beginning.  I know that before I know it he's going to be graduating high school!  I suppose it helps now that we have Carter and know that we have one more baby to experience all of these milestones with.  But let me tell you, putting away the outgrown clothes is already striking me as a bit harder this time around!  But it is amazing to think of how far we've come.

I'm very proud of Jacob and excited for his next chapter.  I know he's smart enough to do fantastically in Kindergarten, but I just hope that between his teachers and us we can find a way to channel his energy and help him listen and learn without making any of us (least of all him) crazy.  It all begins Tuesday...

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