Thursday, June 13, 2013

My Cutie Carter

Carter is SUCH a cute kid.  He's a different cute than Jacob, I think, but man, he is adorable.  And everyone remarks about it.  I know you're always supposed to, but people (particularly strangers) can choose to say nothing...yet we get comments everywhere we go. 
I'd say that Jacob probably had it easy when he was a baby, simply because of his dimple.  The dimple came out with even the slightest smile, and everyone thought it was the cutest thing.  I'm sure in many cases they still do, though I wish so many of his smiles weren't of the "I'm doing something I'm not supposed to do" variety.  Unfortunately for him, he's lost all trace of his baby looks...he's a bonafide big boy now, and big boys may be handsome, but they tend to resemble ragamuffins most of the time so the cuteness they once had is slightly disguised.  Of course, I still think he's wonderfully handsome, but I'm looking at him through always-my-baby goggles, so perhaps I'm biased. 
Anyway, now that Carter is smiling so much, you just can't hide the cuteness.  I took these pictures a couple weeks ago, and I absolutely love them.  They just capture his different looks so well...
I just love his face here...the perfect mix of sweet and happy!

There are a few notable things about this picture.  First, though the angle may be weird, it does give you an idea of how big his head is compared to the rest of his skinny little body.  Jacob always had a relatively small head, so this is a switch.  Second, you can really see the roundness in his cheeks that I tried to describe a while back as his distinguishing characteristic, comparable to Jacob's dimple.  His cheeks just "pop"!

No smile here, but this picture is just pure sweetness.
I took these pictures on Sunday...just sweet, happy faces...

In addition to being cute-looking, he's making cute noises, too!  Besides his giggles, sometimes it seems like he's trying to have a full conversation, or at least tell us something.  He'll babble on for a while now.  His sighs are even cute. 

Physically he's making major strides, too.  He can hold toys now, though he's still figuring out the cause and effect of being able to shake them and make noise.  We've been working a lot on tummy time in the last week or so, and suddenly he's starting to hold his head up much better.  He hasn't rolled over yet, but he can roll on his side from his back and looks like he's so close to flipping.  Because of that, I'm hesitant to keep swaddling him at night.  He's outgrown his swaddle anyway, and I think his recent wakeups in the middle of the night have been because he wrestles himself out of his swaddle and gets cold.  So, last night I put him in just a sleeper to make sure he was warm enough.  He slept fine, though I swear he startles himself awake a lot more that way--but luckily, if he does, he keeps quiet when he does it. 

He's just got these big bright eyes and the cutest expressions.  I love his soft hair (which is still pretty thick and dark in the back, but seems to have lightened up a bit on top), though he seems to have finally lost most of the plentiful body hair he was born with.  I have no idea where it all went because I only rarely noticed small pieces of stray hair here and there, and there was a lot to lose!  It cracks me up to look at early pictures and see so much hair all over this tiny baby!  His features are still generally darker than Jacob's, though, and his eyes are changing now but we still can't tell what direction they're going--Craig's green or my dark brown.  He's still pretty skinny but his face and thighs are the main source of his chub.  Lately my favorite body parts of his are his adorable little feet.  They totally crack me up.  I have to take a picture one of these days of how he has them sometimes when he's eating. 

I know it's probably their job to do this, but the people at daycare just gush over him.  They remark almost every day how sweet and cute he is.  He is the littlest baby there right now, so I'm sure that helps, but he's already so much bigger than he was when he started there!  I can barely believe he's nearly four months old and a third of the way to a year!  We have so much crazy stuff coming up, too...solid foods, crawling, teething, talking,  I think back to where we were with Jacob at this point, and it boggles my mind a bit that it was already fall and nearly Halloween!  For some reason it seems like it was such a long time to get to that point, but this time these four months have absolutely flown.  It just gets me excited when I see old pictures of Jacob and think about how he's grown and changed, and I realize we get to do it all over again with Carter.  It's amazing. 

Anyway, he's such a sweet, adorable baby, and he brings us such joy.  I know this time is limited, where he doesn't know how to disobey or manipulate or, well...move, so I'm trying to soak up every moment.  I just wish there were more of them!

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