Tuesday, June 4, 2013

It's Happening, It's Really Happening!

So, sometime in the last couple weeks, Jacob has started to come around on the big brother front.  I'm not going to say he's totally loving the role yet, but he's at least slightly intrigued.  I don't know if it's because he's maturing, he's figured out that Carter's not leaving, or if Carter is getting slightly more interesting, but slowly but surely something is changing. 

As you may recall, Jacob barely acknowledged Carter's existence for the first few months.  He'd ignore him, wouldn't touch him, and ignored our requests to even come look at him.  He was cranky that I was never available, and gave me a hard time whenever I was ("I want Daddy!").  Then he moved into another phase where he'd say, "Car-ter!" in an annoyed tone if Carter was crying.  I told him not to do that, but added that he definitely wasn't allowed to say that to his brother unless he was going to talk to him nicely at other times.  He was also interested in his diaper changes ("Did he poop?"), but rarely hung around long enough to see one...and of course was all offended by the sights and smells when he did.  But mostly he would make fun of him for pooping in a diaper and would refer to him as "Farter".  Awesome.  How we didn't catch that one, I don't know.  But having a child that likes to rhyme has made things a little more challenging, and the "Banana-fanna-fo-fanna" song is now banned in our house because there are too many not-nice words that kept popping up (including that "fatty" comes up in the "Daddy" version--Craig did not appreciate that). 

And now, while most of the time he's still unimpressed, he's gradually noticing his brother a bit more and willingly interacting with him.  Carter still can't do much, but he can smile, watch, and grab on to things.  He often watches Jacob intently.  Perhaps the fact that Jacob's got another member of his audience has contributed to his slowly improving attitude.  Sometimes Carter will smile when he's watching him.  When Carter is crying, Jacob will ask why.  Most of the time he asks if he's hungry, even if he's just eaten.  The other day Craig, Carter, and Jacob were even playing with a ball a bit.

I've caught him talking to him a little, though it's hard to tell what he's saying.  Sometimes he'll tell him not to cry (a little nicer than before) and sometimes he'll ask questions about him.  Then yesterday, he asked me if he could feed Carter.  Unfortunately, Carter was starving and it was right in the middle of Jacob's dinner so we couldn't do it right then, but I told him he definitely could feed him sometime.  Fingers crossed he continues to be interested!  This morning he also asked me a cute question, about why Carter doesn't bring stuffed animals with him to daycare.  I explained that Carter doesn't need them just yet!

It's definitely been a subtle shift, and he still has moments where he couldn't be less interested, but I'm hopeful that as Carter continues to grow and become more interactive, Jacob will get even better.  I suspect that the greatest joy of having two kids is watching them interact with each other, but we really haven't had that opportunity yet--at least not without the concern of Jacob acting out in the process--but the brief glimpses I've seen thus far have been really promising and I can't wait for more.

In other news, Carter gave me the best laughs tonight.  All of a sudden his little snickers turned into real laughs!  He did it a bunch of times, and it was great!  He's been doing little laughs for a bit now, where you could tell he was laughing but it wasn't a fully formed giggle, but this was a real laugh!  He had a giant smile with those round cheeks, and just belted them out!  It was awesome to hear and see.  He is just so cute.  Oh, and in case you're wondering, he's pretty much on the same timeline Jacob was for that.  Jacob's first laugh came about a week before he turned four months, and that's just about where Carter is now.  Of course, Jacob has a big one up on Carter at this point, because Jacob flipped from his belly to his back at that same time.  I'm not in a rush yet for flipping since it means he can move around a bit, but it will be interesting to see when he starts.  I did take Carter out of his swaddle tonight because I wanted to wash the two he still fits in.  He's been wrestling out a lot anyway lately, so I figured it was worth a try.  Since the sleep sacks I have are a little more wintry than our current weather, I'm trying a gown we were gifted.  Hopefully it'll still help him feel nice and cozy.  He did down an extra ounce at bedtime too, so with any luck he'll sleep well regardless.

Just about bedtime, but I still have a couple things to finish up first...not enough hours in the day....ever.

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