Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Medical Update

Three of the four of us are sick.  Both kids woke up Friday with sneezing, coughing and congestion, and by Sunday I wasn't much better.  Luckily I haven't been too bad, but I have some sinus pressure, congestion, a runny nose, a scratchy throat, and just a nagging blah feeling.  My energy level is fine (or as fine as it can be considering how tired I am most of the time), but it's not ideal when you're managing two kids, a job, and a birthday, among other things.  Yes, Jacob turns five on Thursday and I pretty much haven't done anything for it.  I just sent out the invites for his party tonight, though in my defense the party is still more than two weeks away.  Jacob has changed his cake request about 10 times, so we'll need every minute of those two weeks!

I took Jacob in to the doctor for his well visit yesterday.  Cold aside, the doctor was happy with what she saw.  Even though he put on quite the show for her while we were chatting, she didn't seem too concerned about his behavior.  She pretty much just recommended a new technique for managing it, and that was it.  Jacob is still not even close to night trained, which is the downside of having a really great, deep sleeper.  She said it's normal until they're six, and until then there isn't much we can do except wait for his brain to figure out that it needs to wake him up when he has to pee.  Getting him up when we go to bed won't work at this stage, so I guess we just have to keep doing what we've been doing, which is nothing.  I also asked about the fact that his poops are huge...like he plugs the toilet about half the time.  While they don't seem to hurt him that bad coming out, afterward he always complains that it hurts and feels like he's still got poop in his butt.  I thought that might indicate a hemorrhoid, but it may just be all the stretching that's going on in his intestines.  Yikes!  So, first we try juice, and then we try Miralax.  Fun.  We finished off the visit with FOUR shots.  Ugh.  I know how important vaccines are, but four seems excessive.  He was so miserable when it happened, and it killed me to have to hold his arms while they did it.  He blamed me (as usual) for it and complained about his sore arms.  Surprisingly, his tetanus shot didn't bother him at all today, and I know that one drove me nuts when I was pregnant!   But overall he's fine.  He's right around the 50th percentile across the board, and he's over 43 inches tall and a little over 40 lbs.  A growing boy as usual!

As for Carter, he still had a nasty cough even before this latest cold started.  It's like a bad deja vu experience because it reminds me of Jacob when he was a newborn and coughed for nine months straight after getting bronchiolitis.  In the end they figured out that his reflux was causing his throat to get inflamed, and that's what's being diagnosed this time.  So, Carter is now on the same medicine that Jacob was (Reglan), which helped with slow stomach emptying.  So hopefully his cough will go away and he'll spit up less.  I'm sad that he's on these medications (still on regular reflux meds, too), but hopefully since he's starting them earlier than Jacob, he'll also get better sooner.  Poor kid.  The coughing pretty much made him throw up twice this past weekend, and that was the last straw .  He's still such a happy kid, but the cold and the cough have been so sad to watch. 

Hopefully summer will stick around for a while and we'll all be healthy soon.  We have too much to do and there is much fun to be had this summer...and no time for sickness!  Let's hope this works!

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