Thursday, June 27, 2013

T-Ball...and the Practice We Almost Didn't Make

Tonight was Jacob's first-ever t-ball practice.  He had been looking forward to it for weeks, and this week he was counting down the days.  Craig went to pick him up early from daycare so they could make it to the 6pm practice, and as he walked in the door, he could hear Jacob screaming bloody murder.  Now, Jacob will scream bloody murder about a lot of things--getting his face washed, clipping his toenails, etc.--but this time he actually had good reason. 

It turned out that as the kids were coming in from playing outside, he ran a little ahead of the teacher, turned around just inside the door, and started pounding on the door...only, he was pounding on the glass in the door, rather than the door.  I still have no idea what he was doing it for.  His teacher called to him to stop, but he looked at her and did it again (yup, sounds about right).  Well, as he did it again, his hand broke through the pane of glass.  Fortunately, all he ended up with was a small cut on his wrist, maybe a quarter inch long.  It's a miracle it wasn't worse.  Another inch or one false move and he could have been very seriously hurt. 

Craig called me at work before daycare had a chance, and of course, I freaked out a bit.  He assured me everything was fine, and they were still going to practice, though they'd just have to take it easy and keep on eye on the cut.  When I got to daycare to pick up Carter, I chatted with his teacher.  I feel bad for her because I know this wasn't her fault.  Jacob doesn't listen, and he does tend to do odd things like that sometimes.  I've had to tell him to stop pounding on our storm door numerous times.  Heck, when he was two he pushed on Craig's parents' sliding screen door and the whole thing popped out of the frame sending him falling onto a couple steps below.  She was terribly upset, even an hour later when I got there.  Part of it was still just the panic, part of it is the knowledge that CPS will hear about it (and they just had another claim against them in Jacob's class, which was ruled unfounded).  I don't think there's anything she could have done to prevent it, though I do wish they would get rid of these doors, since I've pondered myself how risky the little panes of glass on them are.  I've caught the door in that area a couple times and now I know I need to avoid it at all costs.  But I certainly don't blame them for Jacob's inability to listen.  I'm sure it happened very quickly, and quite frankly, I'm just beyond relieved that it wasn't worse. 

Anyway, practice went pretty well.  They were impressed with Jacob's batting ability, though he definitely can stand some work on his fielding and listening to instructions.  They taught them some principles of baserunning (run past first, stop at second and third) and practiced a little of everything.  The other kids on his team were really cute--and the one mom and I had a nice chat.  Like I said, his hitting impressed everyone, so I guess that's good.  It'll be coach pitch by halfway through the season, which is also good for him.  It was a good time and the crappy weather held off, thank goodness.  But for the rest of the summer it'll be twice a week in the evenings (but thankfully no weekends, since those are busy enough and Craig is usually away).  Craig is doing some assistant coaching duties, too.  It'll definitely be an interesting experience, though. 

Here are a couple pictures from the night...
Big swing!  This was a good hit!

Mark it one! 
It has been a long day and it's time for bed.  Tomorrow is an important day, too.  It's Craig's and my 10th wedding anniversary.  We still haven't decided what we're doing, but it involves getting out of the house and leaving the kids behind.  That seems sort of important since we probably could use a chance to reconnect as husband and wife instead of mommy and daddy.  Hard to believe it's been 10 whole years...hopefully some musings on that soon...

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