Saturday, June 15, 2013

Four Months!

Hard to believe, but Carter turns four months today!  We're a third of the way through his first year, which is crazy to think about!  I talked about him in-depth the other day, so I'll keep this short and sweet and get right to the picture...

It actually looks quite similar to last month, though he does look bigger.  I just can't tell if it's the angle or that he's just bigger! 

Coincidentally, as of today, Carter has actually been in existence for a whole year!  We're pretty sure he was conceived on the 15th last year.  I went to the fertility doctor on the 14th to make sure there was only one egg hanging out there, got my shot of hormones, and went home with the instructions to do what we needed to do a couple days later.  Unfortunately, Craig was leaving the next morning for a roadtrip, so we had to give it a shot ahead of time.  Luckily it worked, and!  Little did we know that exactly one year later we'd be enjoying our four-month-old!

We celebrated today by splitting up, two and two, for the weekend.  Craig and Jacob are off to Hamburg, and Carter and I headed to N.T.  Today was our niece and nephew's birthday party, and tomorrow is my cousin's bridal shower.  With the party today, and since I'll be busy tomorrow, it made sense for Craig to spend the whole weekend with his family.  Driving all the way to the party and back (or trying to only do it all with one car) just seemed like a lot for one day, so Carter and I opted to skip the party and just head here.  On the way we stopped in Niagara Falls to turn in our Groupon for our membership to the aquarium (which gives us admission to the zoo in Rochester as well--score!), and we stopped there for a bottle...with a pretty nice view!
Sea lions!
We didn't stay for long because we were eager to get to my parents' house, but we did check out the penguins, as well...
This one walked right up to where we were standing.  I don't know if Carter looked yummy or what!
We took a stroller ride, sat on the porch, and then went to the river for dinner at Old Man River.  We got lots of fresh air today, and he's conked out early (or so it appears as of 8:30!).  We've got another busy day tomorrow, too!  But for tonight, my sweet little (sick) four-month-old is ready for sleep!

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