Monday, June 24, 2013

Post-Birthday Weekend

Jacob's actual birthday ended up being pretty low-key.  He got to open some presents in the morning, a few more after daycare, and a few more after his birthday dinner out.  His party isn't for a couple more weeks due to scheduling issues, so I don't have any fantastic cake (or cake failure) to share yet, or pictures of bigger gifts he's getting or anything like that.  Instead, his tower of gifts from us... 

In the morning we let him open his new baseball bag (first practice is Thursday!) and a couple Lego minifigures (from the surprise packs--though we're pretty good at feeling them out to find the ones we want).  He was very excited about the bag and happy to see his minifigures--a baseball guy and a Native American with a mohawk!

After daycare he got to open the rest of his gifts from us--a shirt and new sports shorts (bright orange!), some Pirates of the Caribbean Legos, and this cool baseball plaque for his wall:

We saw this plaque a while back, and I thought it was cool.  It has a logo for every MLB team on the map, plus a little picture of something from the city, be it the skyline, a landmark, or whatever.  Jacob liked it, too, and I figured it would be a good geography lesson, too.  We had seen it a bunch of times but $20 seemed like a little more than I wanted to spend on something for his wall...but then we saw it on clearance for $10 and I slipped it into the cart without him noticing.  Sweet!

As usual we went out to Red Robin for dinner, and he loved his giant ice cream and being sung to by the waitresses.  By the time we got home it was getting late, but we let him open the box of gifts that he got from Uncle John, Aunt Kristin, Kate, and Max earlier in the day.  He loved his Color Wonder coloring books, giant puzzle, and superhero-themed Chutes and Ladders.  The game was especially timely since he's been playing that game at daycare lately...though based on how he was when we played last night, I don't think they particularly follow the rules!

I couldn't resist taking a picture of Carter the other day when he was sleeping like this:
Arms up!
We've transitioned out of his SwaddleMe and into a sleep sack.  When Jacob was this age he had nice cozy fleece sleep sacks with sleeves, but since it's summer I decided this was the better route, especially since Carter still seems to like to be swaddled to some degree.  This sleep sack has a swaddling option, but I can also leave his arms out.  Usually now I'll just swaddle him loosely and let him work his arms out.  He can roll over now (oh yeah, forgot to mention that he went from his back to his belly on Thursday!  He did it at daycare--doh!--but did it again for me at home, thankfully!), but still hasn't done it in bed so if that seems like it's going to start happening more, I'll stop swaddling him and just leave the arms out.  So far he seems to love the sleep sack, and this position just gets me every time! :)

Saturday I was determined to get to the zoo.  Our membership ended in late May, just as the zoo was having baby animals pop out left and right.  There have been baby lions (though they're only out for an hour a day right now), a baby orangutan, and a baby sea lion!    I couldn't wait to go check them out, but without our membership I wanted to pick a day when we'd get the full value out of the admission price.  However, a few weeks back there was a Groupon for a $25 annual membership to the Niagara Falls aquarium, and one of its reciprocals was our zoo.  Sweet!  So now we can go cheaply again :)

The weather was hot but there was a chance of thunderstorms later in the day, so I wanted to aim for late morning.  However, that pretty much ruled out seeing the lion cubs, who are only out from 3:30-4:30.  Bummer.  But Lori joined us, which was fun, and we headed out.  The sea lion baby was adorable.  So adorable.  We happened to get there as the baby was nursing (awwww)...
Good mama!

Ridiculously cute!  I love the little wrinkles in the skin, almost like human babies who don't have the chub to fill their skin out yet!
While the baby was nursing, the other adult in the exhibit kept climbing up on the same rocks.  The mom would vocalize to scare that one away, and then jump in the water, leaving the baby all alone :(

The baby had this crazy scream it did when it was trying to figure out where its mama went, and it flopped around a bit while it waited for her, but eventually she came back!

I have a video of it, but I haven't posted it to YouTube yet so it'll have to wait to be linked up here...if I can remember how to do that again.

Here's Lori and Jacob as she was trying to help him see the penguins...
Almost a smile on his face...
We cooled off in one of the buildings that had activities for kids, and just like he did the day we went to Strong Museum, he liked playing with the stuffed animals and all of the medical equipment.  He was actually disappointed that the tools were stuck in plexiglass covered drawers and couldn't actually be used.

We saw other cool things, like an elephant breaking a tree branch with its trunk and baboons chasing down peanuts, but the best of the rest was a couple glimpses of the orangutan baby.  Unfortunately, the mama was sleeping in the way back of the exhibit while holding the baby, so all you could see were tiny little feet.  Eventually she moved, and I got to see her walking around a bit with the baby hanging on to her (which the baby will do for nine months!).  The baby was so tiny in comparison!  After she settled back in, I was able to get this shot from outside as she looked through the doorway...
Darn fence...but see that tiny little baby head on the right?  So freaking cute.
Seeing those mama animals with their babies was pretty cool considering how I've been spending my time the last four months.  We had a good time, but it was a hot day and both kids passed out pretty much the second we got in the car. 

That night I dragged both kids out to the mall with me, mostly because I've been dying to go shopping and try to find some clothes that fit me better.  I'm on the hunt for casual dresses, work-appropriate anything, and a nice dress.  I have abused my other dresses and I have a wedding to attend at the end of the summer, if nothing else.  My belly just isn't allowing me to wear a lot of the stuff in my closet right now, and it's getting frustrating.  I had seen a couple sales that intrigued me, so off we went.  In the end I found one cute casual dress at Old Navy on clearance (yes!), and a dress for the wedding.  That was a total debacle, as it was getting late and the store was closing.  Just as I was looking at myself in the dress, Jacob said he had to go potty.  The bathroom in that store is on another floor, so I had to put the dress back in case we didn't get done in time (I liked it but didn't have a lot of time to study myself so I was slightly unconvinced), haul us all upstairs, go to the bathroom, come back downstairs, and try to finish my shopping.  The dress was on clearance for $35, but I had a coupon for $10 off $50 and I wanted to make up the difference with a few things for Carter--mostly mix-and-match shorts that would work with onesies.  I managed to find what I was looking for, so I ran back, got the dress, and checked out literally just as the announcement came over that the store was closed.  Oy.  But at least I got a dress, and upon further review, I really like it a lot.

Craig was back from his roadtrip Sunday morning, and we spent most of the afternoon trying to get the pool officially up and running, then enjoying a family swim while Carter slept inside with the monitor close by.  It was so hot and it made for a perfect day to swim.  Jacob loved it and didn't want to get out!  I still hate that pool, but I'm glad he's finally enjoying it. 

We did have some behavior problems this weekend, but that's content for another post.  We still have a couple weeks before Jacob's party, and if nothing else, that will be a fun time.  I  don't think reality has quite hit me yet that we have a five year old, but it will then.  And it really will in a couple months when we're sending him off to Kindergarten.  Knowing how quickly summer always goes, that time will be here soon enough!

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