Sunday, July 3, 2011

Weekend News and Notes

It's been a bit of an up-and-down weekend.  As usual, Jacob has had his moments, but he has had some really good times, too, playing nicely and just being extra goofy.  Some of the things he says these days....well, some of them are extra cute, some of them are not-so-cute, and some of them are downright bizarre.  Sometimes he's getting a little too bold for our liking, defying our rules and requests, and laughing in the face of correction.  So frustrating.  He tends to be a little overzealous sometimes, thinking he's being funny by poking you with something, touching your face, or something similar, but it's really quite annoying and can even hurt.  Not sure what possesses him to get like that, but it happens a lot.  It's too bad, too, because I don't think he's trying to be bad, but that's how it ends up. 

We had a good time Friday night while Craig was in Hamilton, having a delicious dinner of blueberry pancakes (first time I ever made them) and playing tee ball in the front yard.  Craig ended up coming home after the game, which was a late night surprise for me, and while it was nice that we didn't have to wait for him to come home Saturday, it did make him a little extra tired all day.  I decided to work on potty training this weekend since we had three straight days at home without much to do, and Jacob did well all day.  He had a pull-up for nap, but woke up dry, and his big boy undies stayed dry other than one little drop that he must have felt and ran to the bathroom.  I thought maybe that turned on the light bulb for him--you know, knowing he had to go and stopping himself in time to run--but our evening proved otherwise.  When he went down for his nap, I went outside and did some much-needed hedge trimming, and by the time I came in and got ready to jump in the pool, Jacob was up.  Fortunately I did get to sneak into the pool, though I ended up vacuuming it instead of relaxing, because it was desperately needed.  We just can't seem to beat these little patches of dirt that keep collecting.  We went out for a quick dinner (our first outing in only big boy underwear, no plastic pants), and that went well.  However, once we came home, Jacob ran into the kitchen for something and came back out asking for new underwear--which always means he peed in his.  Sure enough, he peed his pants in the kitchen.  The good news is that it was easy cleanup.  The bad news is that our dry day was foiled.  Emphatically.  I finished the evening sitting on our porch with my laptop, watching three different illegal fireworks displays while doing research on our potential summer vacation.

Shortly after going to bed, I was roused by an odd sensation...almost like I was going to be sick, initially, then just an odd taste in my throat and eventually stomach pain and general discomfort.  I couldn't kick it, and I couldn't fall asleep.  For a short time I thought I might throw up, but fortunately it all stayed south.  Still, I was pretty miserable and didn't end up getting any decent sleep until at least 5am.  Even then it wasn't great and Jacob was up by 7:30.  He kicked off the morning by peeing his pants right on the living room rug--first asking for new underwear and then apparently letting enough go that it started dripping on the rug--which frustrated me to the point that he was in diapers/pull-ups for the rest of the day.  I just couldn't deal today even though that was probably the last response I should have had.  I have no idea if his bladder just can't deal, or if he gets distracted, or he just doesn't get it yet.  Even after accidents he insists on new underwear, but we're trying to get him to understand that he can't wear them unless he's willing to be a big boy, use the potty, and keep them dry.  And while he seems to know it, it just doesn't work.  So much for a dry weekend and wearing underwear to daycare.

I got a little extra rest here and there today, including after Jacob's nap (which may have been an hour or less--he woke up having pooped (a little soft himself--let's hope it was coincidence) and never went back to sleep) when Craig took him to a baseball field for over an hour and a half.  Still, my stomach didn't seem to improve until this evening.  Dinner didn't elicit too many rumbles, and we went out for ice cream afterward (I wanted to do something fun today), and while I stuck with a non-dairy choice, it did seem to settle ok.  Let's hope tomorrow is better.

It's a definite bummer to lose one day of a three-day weekend not feeling good.  I'm hoping we can do something fun tomorrow.  And yes, we will try underwear again...just with his plastic pants over them.  Hopefully I'll have enough energy to get some things done and still get in a little pool time.  Hopefully I'll also pull out the camera and get a couple pictures.  Overall it's been a low key weekend, which is fine, but I like to get a little bang for the buck on a weekend like this. 

Oh, and I also found out about a good friend's pregnancy via Facebook this weekend--only it wasn't her status update, it was her husband's.  I know social media changes things, and maybe I have no right to complain because she found out about mine via email when I was about three months along.  There were some odd circumstances that led to that, but even still, it wasn't ideal then.  This definitely seems to indicate that our friendship isn't quite what it once was.  It could just be a pure accident that her husband let it out of the bag before she had told who she needed to.  But it was a bit of a bummer to find out that way, even if I am super happy for them.  If nothing else, hopefully this will give the girls an excuse to get together again.  And now that Craig's schedule will be a little less demanding in the fall, there should be time for it.

So, anyway, we'll see how tomorrow goes...and then on to another week...

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