Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Another weekend...another review :)

We had a pretty good weekend.  Craig had to work in Hamilton on Saturday night and we had a family party on Sunday, so we headed to Buffalo on Saturday at naptime.  Jacob took a very abbreviated nap in the car on the way to my parents', which didn't bode well.  He's functional after a short nap, but inevitably it doesn't do great things for him later in the day.  It usually disintegrates into a series of whining and frantic behavior that drives me absolutely nuts.  However, despite some moments of that, it actually went pretty well. 

After Craig dropped us off and left for Hamilton, we went to the putting green at my parents' golf course.  Jacob got to take the clubs he got for Christmas, and elicited a few smirks from the handful of golfers near the clubhouse who saw him carrying them (backpack-style).  They are really cute...and so is this guy:
We putted for quite a while in sweltering heat, leaving us all quite sweaty.  We did some putting contests among the adults and did our best to coach Jacob on his form.  We weren't particularly successful, but heck, the kid is three.  He got some hands-on help from Grandpa...
And then got to check out a golf cart with Grandma...
No, he didn't actually drive, but my mom did turn it on and let them roll a bit!
We went out to dinner, where Jacob ate pretty well and was excited to go see the games in a side room at the restaurant.  Bubble hockey draws that kid in like little else!  After that we went to visit my grandma for a bit, and then we headed home for some outside playtime.  It was still ridiculously hot but Jacob played until bedtime, mostly playing catch and then trying out the frisbee. 
The recurring theme of the day was potty training, as Jacob was in big boy undies once we got to my parents' house.  He did pretty well, though he had one little accident shortly before we left for the golf course.  His plastic pants contained it, and he held most of it until we got to the potty, so I guess I consider that a "good" accident.  I think if he keeps having ones like that he will learn pretty quickly how to hold it.  Right now I use the term "hold" and he physically "holds" himself, so we're still working on that concept of how to keep it inside until we get to a potty.  Still, considering all we did that day, he did quite well.

Sunday we got up and went to church, then headed to Old Navy so I could use my Groupon ($20 for $10) while my parents were at their Sunday School class.  I got a very comfy skirt and a pair of socks for Jacob, and tolerated Jacob's usual late Sunday morning antics--I don't know what it is about church, but he usually gets crazy for a bit and then dozes off the second he's put in a car.  We made a pit stop on the way home to see all of the boats docked on the canal for the annual Canal Fest (the big thing in the Tonawandas each summer), sweltering as we walked along the canal.  He slept for a little while on the way home but woke up when we got in the house, as usual.  So much for that nap.  Shortly thereafter we were off to see Craig's family for our nephew's birthday party, and Jacob did sleep for a bit on the way there.  However, for the second day in a row, napping was not really on the agenda.  Jacob loves digging through his cousins' many toys (three boys' worth!) and finding various things that either are sports-related or that he thinks are sports-related.  He was actually hoping that cousin Maddy, who's a catcher in softball, might have a catcher's mask he could wear, but no luck.  He settled for the usual batch of Power Rangers masks, and kept himself occupied with various sporting endeavors all day.  Here he is when we were getting ready to sing.  Notice the blue mask in his hand...

Despite our best efforts during the day to convince him to join the other kids out in the inflatable slip-n-slide outside, he refused...until we went outside to say goodbye to everyone, at which point he decided he wanted to do it.  Ugh.  By then it was getting late and we just couldn't stay that long, so we'll chalk that one up to another example of why Jacob needs to listen to us when we ask him to do something.  He's having trouble grasping the concept that some things are only available for a certain period of time, and if you don't act upon them, you lose the chance.  One of these days he'll learn.

He fell asleep just a few minutes into the ride and slept the whole way home.  He woke up briefly when we got home, but Craig cuddled him on the couch for a bit, and it was enough to get him sufficiently sleepy enough to put on his pajamas and get him up to bed without a real wakeup.  And he slept through the night.  Perfect.

On a side note, potty training was moderately successful on Sunday.  He did great all morning through church and shopping, and even did fine on the car ride.  He finally had a mini-accident (one that merited a pants change) later in the afternoon, and almost had one a little after that (a couple drops escaped), but nothing tragic.  I actually don't mind these kinds of accidents (for now) because I keep hoping they'll teach him all of the sensations he needs to learn in order to be fully trained.  The last couple days we've sent him to daycare in underwear (and the trusty plastic pants), and yesterday went well.  He did have a bit of an accident when he and Craig went to a baseball game last night (I was running around preparing for my boss's bridal shower tomorrow), but again, it was nothing tragic.  We'll see what the daycare report is today, and he'll get another test tonight when we go see the local women's pro soccer team play.  Both teams that are playing feature a bunch of the women from the World Cup run, including hometown girl (but tonight's opponent), Abby Wambach.  Marta, the top player for Brazil (maybe in the world!), and US player Alex Morgan, both play for the Western New York Flash.  It's sold out (unheard of in this league!), so it'll be quite the event. 

Anyway, I've decided that consistency is the one thing we're lacking with this whole potty training thing, so I'm doing my best to keep Jacob in underwear most of the time.  I may be crazy to even bother since we're a couple weeks out from a vacation involving long car trips and lots of activities (assuming I ever plan it), but it's worth a shot.  We just have to plan well, be patient, look for every public restroom we can, and be prepared for public embarrassment.  And yes, we'll probably rely on pull-ups in the car.  We do have a travel-friendly potty, but I'm not sure potty training is worth risking our lives on the side of the highway.  I questioned it for a while, but I do have hope now that he'll be potty trained before he goes to Kindergarten. 

We're getting there...

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