Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ending on a High Note

After a less-than-enjoyable Saturday night and Sunday, I was eager to make the most of our Monday.  Jacob allowed us to sleep until nearly 8am, which was a great start.  We had a lazy morning but got ready to head out to our favorite weekday-off lunch spot, the Pizza Hut buffet.  Alas, they weren't doing the buffet for the holiday, so we were out of luck.  We couldn't really decide where else to go, and a Jacob meltdown made the decision to go home, eat there, and go out for dinner.  We did a quick lunch at home, and then put Jacob down around 1:15.  He was quiet right away, and I headed out to do some yardwork.  I needed to finish some trimming, and once I was done about an hour later, I headed in to change into my bathing suit and enjoy some time in the pool.  We'd put the solar cover on after Saturday's swim because the water was a little cold, and when we took it off, it was darn near perfect.  It was pleasantly warm and perfect in the hot weather.  Craig and I spent a good hour or so just floating and chatting.  It was seriously perfect.  We headed back in the house at a time we figured would give us enough time to get dried off and changed in time for Jacob to wake up so we could head out for our evening activities.  Amazingly, we had more than enough time.  Jacob ended up sleeping over three hours!  That almost never happens.  That extra hour is a pretty phenomenal thing--always so unexpected, a pleasant bonus when you need to get things done, and such a good feeling since you know your child is getting some much needed rest. 

He woke up relatively happy and we headed out for a few stops, some of which ended up not actually happening since a couple of our stops closed early for the holiday.  We did manage to return the ill-fated bed rail that didn't work on Jacob's crib, and we grabbed some dinner before heading closer to home and going to the mini-golf place that we pass by nearly every day.  Jacob frequently points it out, though I was holding off on mini-golf after our unfortunate attempt back in the early spring.  Still, he seemed like he might be ready to try again.  It was the perfect evening for it and provided a fun activity to make up for the fact that we weren't going to the fireworks that night.  Fireworks are just too late on a school night.  Maybe another year when Jacob isn't quite so dependent on sleep to be a functional human being.

He was much better this time around.  He held his putter much better and followed the rules a little better.  He still tended to want to replay holes and frequently picked up his ball to try again or move it.  He did a lot more "sweeping" than putting, but when he did putt, he wasn't half bad.  Seriously.  In fact, he beat both of us on TWO holes.  And honestly, we're not that bad.  Both holes were certainly dumb luck, but still, he had it and we didn't!  One hole he putted, got his ball past five golf ball obstacles hanging by chains, and clunk...the ball went in!  Hole in one!  Even I didn't get a hole in one.  He also got a legit two on another hole that Craig and I had a bit of trouble on.  It was pretty crazy.  Here are a couple shots from the round:
Looking good!

Happy boy with the BLUE ball he was talking about the whole way there...

Action shot!  Loved his expression.  I actually think this was the hole-in-one shot!

With his hole-in-one ball...but it isn't the same as the old Putt-Putt days when you could get an orange ball if the lights on the clubhouse happened to be the same color as your ball!

I attempted to get a family shot via the self-timer, and it was two-thirds successful.  Jacob, on the other hand, was distracted by something.  As usual.
 After our round we went in and let Jacob play a few games of the little basketball shooting game, his favorite.  He did well, as usual, and earned himself a Twizzler with the tickets he won.  He also got a (free) ride on a motorcycle...
He was too cute and we had a really good time.  We headed home and got Jacob in bed, and "celebrated" the 4th by watching the Rochester fireworks display on TV.  It wasn't exactly ideal, but it was all we could muster this year.  It was nice to have a day to relax and not be running from picnic to party to fireworks, but it was definitely odd for two people with big, party-happy families to not have any plans...by choice.  It was a nice change of pace.  Maybe next year we'll be more social and find something to do.  Maybe we'll finally make a return trip to my office and watch them from above.  Or maybe next year we'll have a new baby and be stuck home yet again.  Who knows?  But this year was a pretty darn perfect day, I must say.  It was a far cry from our honeymoon eight years ago when we watched Las Vegas' fireworks from our hotel room, or years before that watching multiple displays from the roof of a friend's loft downtown, or even from the year we had our first big party at our old house with a bunch of family.  And you know what?  That's ok.  Traditions are fun, but changing it up has its benefits, too.  And this time around, doing something different was pretty darn great. 

Back to reality today, though.  Another busy week ahead...

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