Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekend Miscellany

Ahhh, another weekend at home with no set plans...I could get used to this.  Alas, it looks like we have a few busy weekends ahead of us again, so hopefully we enjoyed it enough while it lasted!

Friday we were heading out to the Red Wings game, mostly because the Zooperstars were performing that night.  After how much he ended up enjoying them at the Amerks' game (and talked about them incessantly for weeks), we figured he'd like to see them at a baseball game, too.  They were also doing fireworks, which was nice since we didn't get to see any real fireworks (beyond what our neighbors were shooting off) for the 4th.  Before we left, Craig showed Jacob something that he would be raffling off the following night--a Major League Lacrosse helmet:

Of course Jacob loved it and didn't want to take it off, but the lure of baseball did the trick and we were off.  It was a beautiful night for a game, and we had a very nice time.  After a few innings and some dinner, we let Jacob take a few swings at the one inflatable.  It's like tee-ball, except the ball floats on air.  He had one very good hit. 
After he hit, we heard another Zooperstar come on the field, this time "Squidney Crosby" (hockey player at a baseball game?), who ate the bat boy and spit out his clothes (and the boy) one spit at a time.  For some reason this totally freaked Jacob out, and this is the concerned look on his face that resulted...
Later on, "Barack Ollama" (yep, they made the president into a llama) sang "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" from the press box about 10 rows above us.  "Harry Canary" (who did make the trip) used to sing it, but I guess the president gets precedence.  Barack finished it off with "Living in America" (a la Rocky IV) and showing off the star-spangled lining inside of his jacket.  Jacob was watching it all with a very close eye.
We're really not sure if he thinks they're going to come eat us, or what.  Poor kid.  Anyway, the game was long and by the time the fireworks started, Jacob was fading.  How a kid falls asleep during fireworks, I'm not sure.  They weren't particularly loud or fancy, but still.  Overall it was a pretty good night.  He wanted to play a lot, but we managed to find a good balance between watching and playing.  Still, it was a late night and he didn't sleep in too much to compensate!

Saturday morning was pretty lazy.  I was feeling a little better from the nasty cold I picked up last week, but I ended up lounging on the couch for quite a while because one of my all-time favorite movies, Parenthood, was on, and I couldn't pull myself away from it!  Definitely interesting to watch now that I am a parent!  We were planning on seeing my parents at some point Saturday, as they were in town to see their friends and go to the Corn Hill Arts Festival.  We were originally hoping to meet them there, but in the end nap time overlapped it and it just made more sense to stay home until they came to our house afterward.  But from the time Jacob went down for his nap, I was a cleaning/organizing machine.  It all started with the collapse of the little wardrobe I had in the basement holding my off-season clothes.  It got a little bent when something fell against it at our old house, and though it had been tipping ever since, it took until the other day for it to actually fall.  I bought a new one but was pondering changing up the setup of the two shelves and the wardrobe that comprised the only tall storage we have in the basement.  In the end everything stayed in place, except for the one shelf which I decided would be better used in the garage.  So...I had to reorganize what had been messily stored on two shelves into one.  I assembled the wardobe, moved my clothes in, vacuumed the dust off the crawl space floor and the cobwebs from the rest of that area, and then started working in the garage.  My parents came in the middle of that and we had a nice rest/chat before heading off to dinner (minus Craig, who had a work thing, the one that involved raffling off the helmet).  When we got back, my parents played with Jacob and I finished up my organizing in the garage.  In the end, I ended up with an organized shelf full of stuff, including two previously discarded laundry baskets full of Jacob's balls and sports equipment; a better placement for my garbage bag on wheels (used for weeding and other yard cleanup); more space for Jacob's bigwheel, wagon and bubble mower; and just a generally more organized garage.  And with help from my dad, an out-of-commission backup trimmer was fixed, and a problematic assembly job (a cart that came with our lawn mower--I messed up one step of assembly and was stuck with a stripped screw) was ready to be put back on track.  Considering I'd been waiting over a year to do all of that stuff, it felt AMAZING to get it done.  Hence why I just relived it by posting it here.  Sorry if that was boring...but it was THE big victory of my weekend.

Sunday I knew we had to get up for church, as our attendance has been sketchy over the summer (lots of trips and one illness mainly to blame), and I was beat when the alarm clock went off.  Jacob slept in until about 9am (we had to leave at 9:30), yet we still managed to get there on time.  And we sat in church and he was a very good boy.  Thank goodness.  That may or may not have had something to do with the bribe of going on the church playground afterward, which we did.  He went on the thing below, and climbed around the main playset a bit.  He even went down a couple slides solo, which for our slide-phobic child was a big deal.   

The heat was intense, though, so we left pretty quickly, stopped at the bank and Wegmans, then headed home for lunch and nap.  Jacob's nap was terribly short.  However, during that time we still managed to watch the US Women win their World Cup game and hang out in the pool for bit.  When Jacob woke up, I was feeling inspired by the win and decided to give Jacob a little treat.  I brought out a gift he got for his last birthday, a full soccer uniform for Team USA (from last year's World Cup--Nike, of course), courtesy of Uncle John, Aunt Kristin, and Kate.  It was still a little big on him, but he loved it...especially the tall socks.
He gave us a little trouble with wanting to wear it outside or eat in it--not yet, as I'd like it to stay clean at least until it actually fits him--but he definitely liked it a lot.  I did introduce it as a special thing that would not become a staple in his clothing rotation, but we'll certainly pull it out here and there now when he's being good.  Doesn't stop him from asking for it constantly, though.

One of the highlights of the day, though, was sitting and snuggling with him for his post-nap snack.  He sat with me and watched the MLS game on TV (from Portland), and was such a sweet, lovely little boy for that whole time.  I even took a picture of us.  And he even smiled...even if I look pretty rough from being in the pool!

Although we had some nice moments over the weekend, there is still this prevailing issue of Jacob testing us at every turn, crying hysterically when he doesn't get his way, and fighting us over random stuff.  Oh, and he had two significant accidents in a row on Saturday.  The plastic pants contained most of it, but the one was bad enough that not even that could hold it.  Disappointing.  I just can't figure out what is causing the constant tantrums, or what's causing the accidents.  He knows he shouldn't pee in his pants, but he does anyway.  Not often, but once in a while and in a big way.  It makes a daycare underwear attempt a little too risky still.  Ugh.  I don't want to have to take vacation to train him, because I'd rather use it for real vacation, but I might be running out of options and time.  God knows the next couple weekends are not going to be ideal for potty training.  The tantrums are a whole other issue, one that probably has something to do with a lack of time at home with us, and probably just three-year-old independence exertion in general.  It's been pretty brutal but I'm trying to stay consistent and hope it passes sometime soon. 

All in all, it was a nice weekend with a few bumps in the road.  Another busy week is ahead...

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