Friday, July 15, 2011

Cue the Go-Go's...

Seriously, all that's run through my mind for the past couple weeks is the chorus from the Go-Go's song, "Vacation": "Vacation, All I ever wanted, Vacation, Had to get away" because I really do have to get away.  It's a little of everything, I think.  It's being crazy at work, not wanting to get out of bed in the morning, Jacob's tantrums, a general inability to choose what to cook for dinner, the lure of the summer weather, and a desire to get out and see things.  I feel like a little time away will do me a lot of good, and we've even worked it out that we should have some home time to come back and recover from what promises to be a crazy road trip.

It's been hard enough just finding time to do it this summer.  We held off for a while because of the uncertainty surrounding Craig's job.  By the time that was settling down, all of the weeks we had pinpointed didn't work, for various reasons.  We ended up tweaking the schedule just enough that we met all of the criteria for time, activities, etc.  The plan right now is to drive to Cooperstown on a Saturday, do the Baseball Hall of Fame, drive the rest of the way to Philly, go to a baseball game on Sunday afternoon, do the zoo Monday, and fit in some less structured walking time and hopefully visit some friends one of those days as well.  Tuesday we'll head to the Jersey Shore and do the beach thing for a couple days before heading home on Thursday.  I'd like to get home at a reasonable time, though I do think we'll need to build in a stop or two along the way so the long drive isn't intolerable--for any of us.  We have friends to visit along the way, maybe a quick stop in Hershey, or anything else that just happens to look interesting. 

Part of me is dreading it, because I am terrified of packing up enough stuff for that long.  The car will inevitably be jammed, which isn't ideal since it leaves us extra vulnerable to thieves on the days we're not checked into hotels.  Usually it's bad enough when we're gone for a weekend, let alone many days with a variety of destinations and activities planned.  We're definitely going to have to get creative and pack efficiently.  Despite my fears, I feel like I need to just dive in and figure out if we can do this.  Traveling for that many days by car with a child is something we haven't really done yet.  And I'm not even getting into my fears about how to travel via airplane yet, though some day we'll have to figure that one out, and it will probably happen with two kids instead of just one.  Ugh.  But if we make it through all of this safe and sane, that will give me a boost of confidence for next time...which, plane or not, may include that second child (nothing to announce, I swear).  Add into it that Jacob has been less than cooperative lately, that we're in the midst of potty training, and he gets that much worse when he's sleep deprived, and I'm just a tiny bit panicked that this lovely trip will end up not-so-lovely.

On the other hand, the thought of getting away, exposing Jacob to new experiences, and getting some time to just chill in lazy seaside towns sounds lovely.  I've been covetous of the many vacation photos I see pop up on Facebook, and I'd like to have some fun experiences of our own.  I know how much I cherish the photos from all of the vacations we've taken, and it's exciting to add some new stuff to that.  Some of the things we're planning are things I have done before.  However, it's been nine years (how is that even possible?) and that was before digital cameras so I have no doubt that the photo experience will be different.  And, of course, this time I'm going with my husband and son, whereas last time I went with my two best friends.  That trip was outstanding, but I am eager to make some new memories in those places that I can recall a little more readily from day-to-day, given the proximity of my travel partners.  I'd like to add a new, more recent set of memories to the good memories I already have.  I'm sure Philadelphia will be fun and we're actually doing mostly different stuff than I did last time.  Craig and I haven't been to Cooperstown in quite a few years, and look forward to sharing it with Jacob.  But really, I can't wait for the Jersey Shore.  I went to Ocean City nine years ago and fell in love with it.  Here's what I'm looking forward to:   
Here's me and my friend Mary...with the dunes and ocean as our backdrop.  So pretty.

This is the boardwalk.  The old picture (and subsequent scanning) doesn't do it justice, but it was the most pleasant place.  Rides, custard, taffy, salty air...what could be better?
We'll actually probably stay in Atlantic City because it's far cheaper, but I'd like to check out boardwalks along the coast, from Atlantic City to Ocean City, and maybe Wildwood if we have the time.  They're full of tourist traps, but it's just such a nice feeling to have nothing to do but walk the boardwalk or sit on the beach.  Nothing sounds better right now. 

I just keep hoping Jacob will be cooperative.  Hopefully we'll have a great time and get in a little relaxation on the side.  It should be fun but it can't come soon enough.  Well, except for the fact that I'm already wishing away this summer one workweek at a time, and this will only make it worse.  But I can't wait. 

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