Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Things I've Been Wondering About

- Why I have been so hesitant and crazy about booking things for our vacation - It starts this weekend and yet I only booked one room and bought our baseball tickets last night.  We still don't have a hotel for the first part of the trip.  Not sure if I'm just scared of spending money, or worried something will go wrong, or what.  Nothing has quite worked out exactly like we'd hoped in this planning process, so maybe that makes me leery of diving right in. 
- How Jacob will do on the long drive - We haven't done a long drive with him since he was an infant.  He's used to the 1-2 hour trips we've taken to Buffalo and Syracuse, but our 3-4 hour Pittsburgh trips haven't been my favorite experiences.  5+ hours hasn't been tackled since he was a couple months old.  The DVD player will work wonders, I'm sure, and we're going to do our darndest to break up the drive.  Hopefully we'll get a decent nap or two, too.  I keep reading about how buying little dollar store "prizes" can keep things interesting, but the only things Jacob tends to want at the dollar store aren't exactly car-friendly.  To be honest, I'm not even sure how I'll do on the long drive, since this is the longest trip I've taken in a long time and I'm already paranoid about how this trip is going to go...let alone having 5+ hours to think about it.

- When we will consider Jacob pottytrained - He's getting there, but it appears we still have a long road to go.  He made it through all of last week without an accident at daycare, then had one yesterday.  He had another mini-one last night, made worse by the fact that he wasn't, ummm, pointing down when he sat on the potty to get rid of the rest of it.  If we stay on top of things, he has much better success, but the point is really for HIM to stay on top of things, not us.  He does tell us a lot that he has to go, though, and most of the time he catches himself before an accident becomes epic.  I don't anticipate him being nap or night trained for a long time, since he's rarely anything resembling dry when he gets up.  I'm not worried about that, but at the same time--at what point is he trained enough to deserve his potty prize, a lacrosse net?

- Where my happy little on-time cycle went - TMI Alert - Looks like we have a redo of last time around, where I'm just sitting here waiting for my cycle to get on track enough to even begin tracking days or strategizing.  Pre-birth control my cycle was pretty close to 28 days, maybe off by a day or two at any given time.  I guess it got out of practice after all these years of being regulated.  Of course, as a result, now I'm getting into the crazies, where I'm 99% sure I couldn't be pregnant (side note: We are not trying yet), but every little body oddity makes me want to pull out one of those dollar store pregnancy tests and double check.  Of course, eventually I gave up on that last time around because it got rather demoralizing...and then I spent two weeks wondering why I felt like crap until a last-ditch check before calling the doctor confirmed that I had the best reason to feel like crap.  So, I don't trust my body one bit because you just never know.  Unfortunately, it means that I'll probably be tortured by my cycle one way or another for our vacation.  Ugh.  Even worse, I don't know if I'll get any warning, since I've had very little experience with unregulated cycles in the last, oh, decade or so.  Will I still get crazy cramps?  Or will I just stand up from my chair and find an embarrassing situation on the back of my pants?  Awesome.  In a related development, I've never been hoping for a bout of cramps so much in my life.

- Why Jacob feels the need to make noise every waking moment - Did you see the study a few weeks back that showed that whining children was the most annoying noise ever?  I tend to believe it, because Jacob's whining grates on my nerves like little else.  When he's not whining, he's yelling, singing or talking incessantly.  Seriously, the kid rambles on and on about Lord-knows-what, all the time.  Sometimes he's pulling from experience, sometimes from his imagination, and yes, most of the time it has something to do with sports.  We do get tidbits from daycare and random things about poop and food, but sports is usually the topic.  But a lot of it isn't really clear or doesn't make sense.  It's amazing to watch his mind work, but I can tell that the incessant noise is making me a little nuts.  He also won't sit still, and the combination of the two is brutal.  But no matter how we try, he still has  a very hard time listening long enough to sit still or be quiet.  I gained a little hope the other day when a blogger I read wrote that she and her son went to an event two years in a row, and as a three year old he ran her ragged, but this year he seemed to be better about sitting down, having a drink, and relaxing.  So maybe there's a light at the end of the tunnel. 

Why Jacob constantly puts clothing on backwards, no matter how many times we show him the correct way - I'm not sure if he's just screwing with us or what, but seriously...every single night when Jacob is putting on his pajamas, he puts on the pants backwards.  No matter how many times we explain that the tag goes in the back (on the floor, etc.), to lay them out, to pay attention to which leg is going where, he constantly gets them on backwards, or sticks his legs in the wrong holes, or both in the same hole.  Same problem goes for shoes, too.  They're always on the wrong feet.  You'd think he'd notice and fix them, but no.

I'm sure the wondering will continue the rest of the week as we get ready for our vacation.  I have a million things running through my head--from the lunch I need to pack for Jacob's field trip tomorrow, to the obscene amount of work I need to do (and should get in early for), how I haven't really packed anything and need to make a list of things that I need to wash before we go, all of the random things I need to remember like turning off our water (the hot water heater is making me nervous), upping and holding the thermostat, packing beach toys, buying a baby gift for friends we hope to visit, etc.  It's all very exciting, of course, but a full, crazy workweek is making it extra complicated.  Stay tuned...

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