Tuesday, July 12, 2011


- I realized on Sunday while looking at the ads packed with college "necessities" (ha!) that this summer marks the halfway point between when I went to college for the first time and when Jacob will go to college for the first time.  Fifteen years ago I graduated from high school and went off to my freshman year at Geneseo.  Since Jacob turned three this summer, it would appear that in 15 years he'll turn 18 and be off to college.  That is CRAZY.  I know I've packed a lot into the last 15 years, but they've gone rather quickly and I can't believe the next 15 will go that fast (or faster!?) and my little boy will be all grown up. 

- Over the weekend one man died at a baseball game and another died on the Ride of Steel roller coaster at Darien Lake.  The baseball guy was at a Texas Rangers baseball game and tried to catch a foul ball thrown to him by an outfielder.  He lost his balance and fell over a railing 20 feet, head-first into concrete.  His six-year-old son saw the whole thing.  The roller coaster guy was a veteran and, as a result, a double leg amputee.  He was thrown out of the coaster which has a lap restraint as its primary restraint mechanism.  They're saying now he probably shouldn't have been allowed on.  Still, it's scary.  And considering those two activities are among the leisure activities that Craig and I each enjoy most (of course, I like baseball...Craig does not like coasters), it definitely gives you pause when you consider doing those things with your child.  Freak accidents are rare, but they happen.

- I'm pretty sure Jacob is officially worse than a girl when it comes to his wardrobe.  He now wears numerous shirts, shorts, and socks every day.  He changes clothes to make him feel more like an athlete who plays his sport of choice--whatever it may be at any given moment.  He's got certain things that are more sports-related, like a basketball jersey and shorts, but he tends to put on his dark colored dress socks and pull them way up so they're like soccer socks.  I know it's the least of our worries, but it's driving me nuts.  Every time I walk into his room, there are clothes everywhere...clean stuff on the floor, dirty stuff in his drawers, unmatched socks, etc. Not to mention that potty accidents mean more clothing changes!  It's creating a lot of laundry.  I'm glad he's not one of those naked kids, but is it that hard to stay in one set of clothes? 

- I have a suspicion that we're tremendously lucky with Jacob's pooping abilities.  He's infamous at daycare for his ability to poop fast and poop big.  I've had teachers tell me multiple times that they didn't believe he was already done (he was), or that his poop was impressively large, or that it clogged up a toilet.  And YET...he rarely has problems getting it out.  Constipation has rarely been an issue for him, even when the size or consistency might make it seem otherwise.  It's impressive.  Not only that, but he's not afraid to poop on the potty.  He still does it in his diaper once in a while, but he's been really good about the potty lately and has never done it in underwear.  Thank goodness.  And now...cue the jinx. 

- Jacob loves both the US and Canadian anthems.  He asks us to sing them all the time, and even sings along sometimes.  Tonight Jacob and Craig were watching the MLB All-Star Game, and during the anthem Jacob stood there, mouthed the words, and rocked a bit on his feet, just like most athletes do.  He did the same rocking thing over the weekend when he asked Craig to sing the anthem first thing in the morning.  He is something else. 

- Jacob still hasn't been in the pool this summer.  He never wants to go in, and rather than battle him to get into his suit (I have NO doubt that it would be a battle--everything else is, so why not that?  He's already expressed his disinterest in it), we've found it easier to go in the pool when he's not around--mostly during his naps or in the evening when he's in bed.  Tonight I took my usual Tuesday night bike ride and came home in the midst of the bedtime routine, so I went out to the backyard and enjoyed a quick dip.  The water was warm and the evening was perfect.  One of these days we will get him in there, but I feel a little guilty that he isn't a fish.  We never took him to swim class and we haven't pushed the pool thing.  He will need to learn how to swim someday, because I don't like the thought of him living here with a pool in the backyard without the ability to swim.  Or maybe his complete disinterest isn't a bad thing...

Yawn...I'm off to bed.  Long day behind me and a short night ahead...as usual.

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