Thursday, July 2, 2009

Weaning Update

So...a month after my original thoughts on we are in the midst of the process. So far, it's going okay. I'm still having mixed feelings, but I know that it's time nonetheless. A while back Jacob slept in for a few days in a row, and that seemed a good time to ditch the morning feeding. If he wakes up early enough, I now put him in his high chair and let him eat breakfast (milk, cheerios and fruit for a while, then we tried toast, now a blueberry waffle, and at some point, a bagel). If he sleeps in, he gets breakfast at day care instead. It saves me a ton of time and doesn't rush him. So, Jacob's only feeding on weekdays is at night, right before bed. He still seems to enjoy that, but the past couple nights he's cut out early. May just be that he's too tired, or overtired and irrational, or that he likes to play too much, but maybe he's just outgrowing it.

I had been pumping at work around 10am and again at 3pm, but decided earlier this week it was time to try pumping once a day. It's a bit of a stretch but I'm sure my body will adjust quickly enough. One pumping only provides about 3-5 oz., which is only about half of what I need for a full bottle...not that he drinks full bottles anymore, but I still send three 7 oz. bottles with him, which they divide up into the sippy cup as needed. Usually two are breast milk and one is formula mixed with whole milk. At home he just gets the formula & milk combo. Sometimes he drinks like a madman, and sometimes he doesn't. Sometimes he eats well, sometimes he doesn't. He seemed to like mac and cheese last night, so that's a new one. He also loves grapes and watermelon. Veggies aren't at the top of his list all of a sudden. Bummer. We'll have to keep trying, though. Could just be a bad mood!

Jacob hasn't been eating particularly well, so that's been hard. But he hadn't been nursing that great either, so I guess it's six of one, half dozen of the other. I just keep hoping he's getting enough nutrition from the formula/milk and what little food he eats. I still think we're going at a good pace, and this is a good place for him to be right now. He's learning how to eat and what he likes, but is still getting a little love from mama at night :) They key is just doing it all gradually and being comfortable from step to step. So far, so good.

Still, it's funny going through this process. Instinctively I revert to the mindset I've had for the past 12 months, even though I'm now at a different point in the process. I almost feel guilty letting the milk dry up, like, "It's there, it's still is it bad that I'm withholding it now?" I know it's fine and I've given him a lot in the past year, but sometimes I wonder if it's selfish stopping now. I get a twinge of concern when I notice I'm not as full before a pump, or when I don't get as much milk, but I know that that's all part of the process. Pumping less means I'll have less to pump as time goes on. And eventually, we'll just be doing a nightly nurse until we can wean him off of that. It's just funny to think of it ending sometime soon. I wonder how I'll pick the last nursing and how that will feel. I'm sure I'll be sad. It will be a relief, too, but bittersweet nonetheless.

In the meantime, here's a cute picture of Jacob doing his "in the grass" crawl. Apparently he's not a fan of how the grass feels on his legs, because he walks on all fours, with his hands and feet on the ground and his butt high in the air...every time!

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