Monday, July 20, 2009

13 Months

Jacob turns 13 months old today. I celebrated the occasion by looking back in the blog again, at this time last year. July seemed to be full of issues with Jacob's gassiness and associated fussiness. I had given up my morning cereal in the event he had a cow's milk protein sensitivity and agonized over the decision to try gripe water to calm his tummy. We did that for quite a while, but at some point it seemed like he didn't need it anymore, and before I knew it, months had passed by and the remaining gripe water had to get tossed because it was too old. It served its purpose and at the time I threw it out, it became a symbol of Jacob's progress past that frustrating period in his young life. A year ago this weekend he took his first trip to Buffalo. Ironic, then, that this weekend this year marked his first night solo without either of us around. He did great! My parents were so excited to have him, and he was a good boy...though a very curious and active one! He kept them on their toes! We had a very nice time in Niagara Falls, though I must say that it was odd not having a stroller or diaper bag or Jacob to tote around. I definitely missed Jacob but it was nice to be able to do adult things like go into the casino without worrying about when he'd melt down or when it was time to eat (and if he'd eat). But most of the trip was still geared around him...looking at all of the stuffed moose (though we used to do that anyway) and all of the little baby t-shirts and onesies. We didn't end up getting him anything, but he was on our minds a lot. We checked in twice, but I think that was fair.

Once we picked him back up on Saturday, we spent the rest of the weekend with Craig's family. Craig helped his brother's family get settled into their new house, and we celebrated our nephew's 2nd birthday. We had a lot of fun, and Jacob was busy exploring the new surroundings! He spent a lot of time at this window...

You can see a little bit in this picture that Jacob has a bit of a boo-boo under his right eye. He took a header into our suitcase on Saturday and got a cut and scrape under his eye. I'm not sure what happened, but he must have hit a zipper just wrong. He cried a little but seemed ok pretty quickly. I tried to ice it down but eventually he stopped allowing that and went on his merry way. It's healing quickly.

Sunday Jacob went to his first parade, the Pulaski Day Parade in Cheektowaga. He didn't seem too phased by it, but did like seeing people's dogs. We did some shopping in the tents and got Jacob his first Polish attire, a little Polska shirt. It might not fit him for another year, but it was cute and he'll fit right in with the rest of the family! Here he is at the parade in his cool new hat, dressed for the lovely July weather we're having...ugh.

Finally, here's some video of Jacob walking, with a little help...he's looking pretty good! He won't need that soon enough!

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