Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Perfect Evening

Last night we had what I would term a near perfect evening with Jacob. We had to get home relatively early because we had someone coming to the house to give us a quote on lifting our sunken, cracked concrete. The guy came early and was on his way out when I got home at 5:45 (at least 15-30 min. earlier than usual). The quote was great and I think we'll have a fixed patio in the next week or so! It may not be perfect, but the extra $1500 bucks we'll save over replacing it is worth imperfections...we just want it to be safe for Jacob to run around on (and us adults to walk on). Anyway...right after he left we headed toward dinner. And for once, we all had the same thing...hot dogs on the grill, corn, and a broccoli-white cheddar pasta, with watermelon for dessert. Jacob could eat everything we did, and he ate really, really well. Food throwing was minimal and he ate most of his food without much prodding. Woo hoo! After we cleaned up from dinner, we went out on a walk. The weather was perfect for it. Warm but comfortable...no jacket needed. We just stuck a baseball cap on Jacob and headed out. We walked in a big circle in and around our neighborhood, almost stopping to grab an ice cream treat at a convenience store but withstanding the temptation and moving on. We saw a bunch of dogs, which as I mentioned is Jacob's newest obsession. We saw a couple close up, including one nice woman who stopped to let Jacob pet her dog. The rest were from a bit of a distance, but Jacob loved each one, craning his neck around the side of his stroller to catch every last glimpse once we had moved on. Jacob stayed awake the entire ride, and was so goofy at times. He wore his hat for most of the walk (a small miracle itself), but when he finally started tossing it, I held on to it and was playing with it...twirling it around, wearing it myself...and Jacob was hysterically laughing! It was so cute! Once we got home we ran into our neighbors, who had barely seen Jacob awake all summer. Seems every time we passed by them on a walk, he was asleep! He enjoyed the bells on their bikes...so much so that I could barely get him to let go of the handlebars!

Once inside we got him into his PJs and I was going to let him play a little while, but he was getting sleepy and didn't want to be put down. So I fed him and he went to bed. He did babble to himself for a while, which was hysterical. He was even laughing! Oh, to know what's going through a one year old's head!

So, yeah, when it came to Jacob last night, it was a great evening. I have no idea why it all went so smoothly, but I'd like to have more of those! The 9pm grocery store run I could do without, but that's life when you have a baby and want to spend their waking hours with them. It's going to be another busy week getting ready for another weekend away (and vacation!!), so hopefully I can get in enough quality time. Always a challenge!

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