Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Doctor update and pictures!

Jacob had his second follow-up appointment with the pediatric pulmonary specialist today. I was hopeful that they would consider him cured and take him off all his meds, but no such luck. He got to drop a dose of his Reglan, but he's still going to be on that and the Prevacid for at least another three months. Darn. But at least the Claritin seems to be working for him. Oh, and he does get to drop his inhaler for a couple months starting within another couple weeks, just to give him a break until cold season starts up again. That will be one battle I won't miss twice a day! I sort of feel like I should have fought harder to ditch the meds completely, because I'm still not convinced that the reflux was ever bad enough to warrant them (let alone still being bad), but what can I say? The doctor's intimidating. She also suggested we fatten up his food a bit to help him gain weight. Cream, milk, butter...whatever we can sneak in. While I like the idea, I am a little concerned about getting him too used to creamy, buttery side dishes...because someday that could be problematic. We'll see, I guess.

Now on to pictures from the weekend! Here's Jacob playing peek-a-boo in the middle of our picnic lunch on the 4th of July...

And here he is hiding under the table!

A couple years ago I bought a rocking moose at IKEA. I figured we'd have kids at some point, and what better toy for our kids than a rocking moose? I was afraid they'd discontinue it before we had a chance to get one, so I bought it then and kept it in Jacob's closet ever since. Then finally the other night I remembered to put it together. On Friday he got a chance to try it out...
He liked it and even got it rocking a bit himself! It's so cute to watch! And this has to be one of my favorite pictures ever...both of my boys look so good!

This is just a cool picture of Jacob from Friday night at my cousin Allie's graduation party. Usually I go for the smiles (how can I not?) but this was such a sweet face, too...

Another picture from Saturday, this time his first ride in the wagon my parents' neighbor helped them refurbish. He liked it!

And with that, this post will ride off into the sunset, too :)

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