Monday, July 6, 2009

Holiday Weekend and the Doctor

It was a busy long weekend as usual...just a recap today but hopefully some pictures soon! On Friday we were off to North Tonawanda for my cousin Allie's high school graduation party. Jacob did well on the drive up and was a trooper during the party. We were there pretty late, and Craig and I took turns letting him sleep on us for the rest of the evening. He slept fine that night, though he did keep coughing (maybe a result of being in the vicinity of a firepit?)...but thank goodness it didn't seem to wake him up to the point of needing any company!

On Saturday my parents did a little impromptu picnic in the backyard with us and my grandma. We had a very nice time and Jacob got a lot of outdoor playtime. We even took a walk with a wagon that my parents got via garbage picking and refurbed a bit, thanks to their neighbor. Jacob really seemed to like it a lot. We have one waiting at home as well, so it may be time to officially get that up and running. We also tested out a swing that had been garbage picked, and he didn't seem too happy about that one. I don't know if he was just too sleepy to enjoy it, or if he's suddenly got an aversion to swings (we've had a couple less successful swing experiences lately). We have one to put up in our yard as well (finally got the hardware yesterday), so I guess we'll keep trying. I know he'll like it eventually, because even Craig's motion sickness issues never prevented him from enjoying a there's no reason Jacob won't enjoy it some day. After the swing episode, Jacob fell asleep in about two seconds, and we quickly packed up and headed out so we'd get a good portion of our trip done before he woke up. He's been less likely to sleep in the car lately, so Buffalo trips have been a little tougher in recent months. He woke up pretty much as we hit our street, so that was good!

We had a little time to relax before we got back in the car and drove across town to my boss' townhouse for a little get-together. I figured Jacob would be the only kid, so I was a little nervous about everything--keeping him occupied, feeding him, when he'd start getting tired--and while it was a little nerve-wracking at times (no babyproofing is one babyproofing in a home full of cool artsy stuff is another!), Jacob did pretty good. I attached his chair to a plastic chair on the deck so he could eat without having to worry about him throwing his food, and though he got a little fussy right before our dinner, Craig managed to get him to sleep pretty easily and he slept in his car seat in the living room while we all ate a fantastic dinner of beef tenderloin, grilled zucchini, squash and peppers, and roasted asparagus and potato wedges. We finished things off with a yummy strawberry shortcake type dessert and some key lime pie and carrot cake. By then Jacob was awake but still sleepy, and once we finished dessert we took off pretty quickly.

The plan originally was to head into the city and watch the fireworks from my office on the 16th floor. It's a fantastic view, and it's away from the crowds and craziness, which would have been ideal for Jacob, who could either sleep or watch the fireworks with a muted volume. I hated fireworks as a kid. Not the concept, mind you, just the thunderous booming...hence why I watched them from the car for years. Anyway, once Jacob was so incredibly sleepy before we even left the party, we decided to try a lower maintenance method of fireworks watching. The new plan was to find a spot to park and watch them from the car. My spot of choice was the room of the parking garage I park in. Of course, when we got downtown, the roads to the ramp were all blocked off, and we ended up sitting in traffic for the rest of the display, just trying to get somewhere. It was annoying, but what can you do? We saw a few fireworks along the way, and Jacob slept through the plethora of booms. We did some pretty fascinating people-watching on our way out of the city, and finally made it home. Quite a long day...but fun.

Yesterday we tried to relax. We had another frustrating hour of church. Jacob just will not stay put, and gets screaming mad if you try to hold him back. He wants to be anywhere but where we want him, no matter how many toys or snacks you give him. It's going to be tough to keep that up for the next few years, but I don't want to give up or start sending him to the nursery, because I'm afraid he won't learn how to sit still if we don't keep trying. I get that he might be too young to be able to do it, but somehow we'll have to keep trying. After that both Jacob and I took long naps (ahhh). We grabbed some lunch and went to Home Depot, then headed back home. Craig did the lawn and Jacob took another nap. We pretty much just hung out for the rest of the day. Not a bad thing. However, today I am just beat. I even inadvertently slept an hour later and I'm still tired with a headache.

Thank goodness my alarm malfunction this morning happened this morning, because Jacob had a doctor's appointment at 9am. That meant we didn't have to be out the door until about a half hour later than usual, and I usually don't get out of bed until a half hour after my first alarm. So, it turned out pretty well. Today was Jacob's one-year well visit. He is 30-1/2 inches long (about the 75th percentile), and only 19 lbs. 14 oz., which is about the 10th percentile. Yep, it's low, but he's trending pretty steadily so they're not concerned. What bugs me is that he was over 20 lbs. at one point, back when he finally started getting into a solid diet of baby food. However, with another bout of illness and teething a while back and his decreased appetite lately, not to mention all the calories he's burning crawling around like a maniac, he just can't keep the weight on. Craig and I were both skinny kids, so I guess he comes by it honestly, but it's tough feeling just skin and bones when I pick him up! As expected, the doctor said that his iffy eating habits are fine. Just keep offering it and he should be fine. I do think he probably needs to cut down on the amount of milk he's drinking (1 year olds should drink about 10 to 20 oz., and I think he's above that), which may encourage him to eat more...but again, this is one of those things that I'm at a loss to teach him. How do I explain to him that his rumbling tummy will be just as satisfied by more food as it would be by more milk? And he pitches a fit when he's eating if he doesn't have his sippy cup, so I'm not sure how to work around that either if he finishes his milk early in the meal or if I try to hold it off while he eats first. Hmmmm. Anyway, as usual, my concerns were all normal and we'll just keep plugging along. Jacob smiled a bunch at the doctor, which she enjoyed, and then got a little fussy just in time for two shots. He almost had to get another prick, because he needs to get his iron and lead levels tested, but the lab was jam packed and I didn't want to wait today in the post-holiday rush. He cried quite a bit from the shots, but fell asleep in the car as usual.

Tomorrow we're off to the pulmonary specialist once again, and I'm really, really hoping that he gets the green light to go off at least some of the stuff he's on right now...namely the Reglan and the Prevacid. He actually likes the Prevacid, but that stuff is expensive so I'd rather not have to get another refill if we don't have to! But I will not miss the Reglan and having to work around meals and remember it when we go out. Ugh. I'll keep my fingers crossed!

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You have to remember that we didn't garbage pick those toys. Our neighbor did but wait until you see the newest addition that I garbage-picked tonight! A great find!!