Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Seven Months

Well, we've made it to seven months. Wow. It boggles my mind a bit that we're now closer to Jacob's first birthday than his birth. While I never looked at monthly milestones in a very specific way (like, "Oh, at seven months he'll be doing 'x'"), but whenever I'd see a baby at a certain age, I could hardly imagine what Jacob would be like at that point...but was always excited to think about it. I suppose I took some comfort in the thought that by then we'd be much more comfortable with this parenting thing. We are, but each stage brings with it a whole new set of issues. Currently I'm completely perplexed by solid foods, living in fear of further teething spells, and worried about when Jacob gets mobile. I don't know if it's necessarily harder than worrying about the many things we worried about early on, but then again, everything seems worse when you're sleep deprived. I know the problems will get bigger from here on out, so I guess I just need to hold on tight.

It's just amazing to think that we've been lugging around that car seat for this long, that two full seasons have come and gone since he's been around, and our lives haven't been our own for nearly 2/3 of a year. It's been an amazing experience...exhausting but amazing. I think parenthood has been about what I expected, though sometimes harder and sometimes easier. I think I took to certain aspects of it better than I thought I would, anyway. Low expectations, though, I suppose...I was afraid of a LOT :) This has definitely become our new normal, though. There are definitely days when I long for no responsibility...to just come home and plop on the couch. Instead most days it's dinner, playing with Jacob, feeding Jacob, maybe a bath or another attempt at solid food, putting Jacob to bed, bottle washing, dishwashing, and maybe a trip to Wegmans if I'm especially unlucky. Sometimes I'm lucky to be able to sit and watch a TV show or two...even luckier if I can pay attention to most of it. Still, I wouldn't change it for the world. Just one smile and I'm smiling too.

Not much to report these days, just a couple small things. He's still coughing and still has a runny nose, but he seems better. We'll see if the cough goes away completely any time soon. We've been through this before, and of course it never did. He's been sleeping better (knock on wood), so things must be bothering him less, whatever was causing the disasterous sleeping situation. He still has moments where he's fussier than usual, but they're interspersed with happy moments so they're easier to handle. No teeth yet, though. Solid food is still a no-go. I'm not sure what to try next. We attempted cereal and homemade applesauce the other night, and while he didn't spit out the bites I got him to take, he didn't take a lot and still won't readily open his mouth for me. I don't know how long I should keep waiting, or how to trick him into getting to like food. His normal feedings have been shorter lately too, for some reason, so I'm worrying for the first time in a while that he's not getting enough to eat. He really should be making progress on solids right now and we're just stuck. I guess I'll have to ask the doctor next week at his follow-up appointment what they suggest for dealing with a hunger strike. Mental note for child #2...start earlier. On a brighter note...last night we were playing on the floor and Jacob was down on all fours. A couple times he actually got his butt up in the air, which means we're just a few shuffles away from some sort of crawling action. We definitely need to get around to the babyproofing.

Well, time to go and catch up on some TV while Jacob's asleep...and then off to bed so we can get some sleep of our own! Good night!

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Corrina said...

Just a thought... he may not be hungry when you are trying the solids. Try doing solids first at a time when he would normally nurse. Do a little bit of solids while he is hungry and then nurse him afterwards. If he is starving and cranky about it you could nurse him for half the time he would normally and then do the solids and top him off with nursing again. John did that for a little while until he got into the routein. If he still doesn't like the seat don't force it. Have you tried having one of you hold him while the other feeds him?