Monday, January 5, 2009

General Updates

Just wanted to go over some basic updates on Jacob as we have reached the 6-1/2 month mark...according to my best estimates, anyway. I guess I'll just do a rundown on stuff...stuff we've noticed, stuff he's into, etc., in no particular order...

- Jacob loves his feet. Specifically, his left foot. Whether there's a sock or a shoe or a bare foot, he does all that he can to get it in his mouth. Sometimes the sock is better than the foot if the sock happens to come off...but he's really obsessed with his feet no matter what. I could be in the middle of a diaper change or trying to strap him into his carseat, and he's trying to get that foot in his mouth. He comes by it honestly, I guess, because I was really into my toes too.

- His chest is his most ticklish spot. I've gotten giggles from his feet, thighs and belly, but his chest is where the big laughs come from. Absolutely adorable.

- He never did pick a finger to suck. He does love to chew, though. He'll happily stick his whole hand (or both) in his mouth and chew away. The other day we saw him chewing his tongue. And we already know about his feet. That he seems to be getting his first tooth on the side of his mouth is less of a surprise since that's where his chewing has mostly been focused. It makes a lot more sense now, actually. The tooth hasn't made much progress, by the way. Still just a little white dot. He did seem a little uncomfortable this weekend, though we're not entirely sure if it was really teething or just an extra dose of gas. Poor kid was super gassy and let out a couple yells prior to some rather large farts. No idea what sparked that, though I guess I'll have to watch my diet extra close to make sure it's not me.

- Over the past month or so he's really gotten into music. No dancing yet, but he likes being sung to, particularly songs he recognizes from his toys. Every once in a while, that knowledge is a life-saver when it can calm him down a bit. He's got this dog, made by Fisher-Price--you probably saw it if you were out in toy departments at Christmas--that does different things depending on which mode it's in and which body part you touch. It'll either tell you what the part is, what color it is, or sing a song. It does patty cake, it sings the alphabet, it has songs about body parts, colors, and more. Jacob loves it, and smiles whenever you sing the songs to him. I just wish it was easier to transport. The body parts are really sensitive, so even the slightest touch sends it singing. And sometimes, it doesn't even take a touch. We've heard it singing in the middle of the night a couple times...creepy. I can only imagine what it would do in a travel bag rubbing up against other things! On a related note, he's slowly learning how to use some of his new toys from Christmas (and one 6 month toy we got as a shower gift), and enjoying all of their sounds and lights. He's got a piano, a ball that rolls itself, and a baby laptop that lights up and plays music. We got him a rock-a-stack (the Fisher-Price rings that almost everyone had--he loves the top red ring, which is now a rattle as well) and some stacking cups, and he's getting into those too.

- He still looks pretty bald in pictures, but he's got the cutest peach fuzz head of blond to light brown hair. I love rubbing it!

- He loves his new Jumperoo. It's his big Christmas gift from my parents, and though it took him a while to get used to it, he's now loving it. It's basically an exersaucer that bounces. It's got a seat in the middle, farm-themed activites all around, and the whole thing bounces up and down. At first he didn't quite get it. He'd play with the toys a bit and smile as we'd bounce him, but couldn't quite figure out how to do it himself. Slowly but surely he figured it out. He'd let his feet go out from under him and the seat would bounce down a bit, and you could see the wheels turning a bit. He was a little better at it on Friday, and when I put him in it last night, he was happily bouncing away! So fun to watch...

- He's getting much better at sitting up. You still have to stay close or put pillows around him just in case he loses his balance, but he's really sitting up well these days. He still can't get to that position on his own, but once he's there he's getting strong. He still loves standing up as well, but he's got a little ways to go before he can do that on his own.

- Solid foods are still so-so. We're still just doing one meal of cereal each night. I've been upping the quantity and the thickness and he's been doing ok with it, but it's still a messy prospect because he's still figuring out that he needs to open his mouth and keep his fingers out of it in order to eat. At least he's eating it. I know at some point I can start jar foods, but I'm even more nervous about that because that gets really messy. Stain removal is not one of my favorite things, but I guess I need to get used to it! I'm still trying to figure out the schedule for introducing new foods...I'm guessing I should be getting to veggies at some point soon.

I guess that's all I can think of for now. Jacob is really an awesome little boy and is growing and learning like crazy. He's still very smiley and keeps us smiling as well. It's been amazing watching him learn and change and improve at things, and I know he's going to keep us amazed for years to come!

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