Friday, January 9, 2009

A New Schedule?

It's been an odd week for Jacob. It's hard to tell for sure, but he may be changing his own schedule on us. It's not necessarily convenient at the moment, but I guess we'll adjust at some point. Twice this week he fell asleep before 8:30, which isn't really like him. Normally he usually takes a nap somewhere between day care pickup (6ish) and 8ish, somewhere among the evening's playing, feeding and bathing activities. Generally he's happily whisked off to bed by 9 or 9:30, depending on the day. Usually he wakes up around 7:15 the next morning. Both times this week that he fell asleep early he hadn't napped since mid-afternoon, but when he finally fell asleep, we still didn't think it would be for good. But by the time he'd been asleep for an hour or so, it was clear that that was the situation...which meant we had to wake him up and put him in a fresh diaper and his PJs. He wasn't a fan of that and let us know it, but I just wasn't comfortable letting him sleep with a wet diaper (because I know a wet bed would be awaiting me in the morning) or in his clothes, though I'm sure clothes aren't a big deal. I just wasn't sure he'd be warm enough, and we're leery of blankets because of the SIDS risk.

[Side note: Just had a traumatic experience with Jacob. Nothing too serious, I hope. Time will tell. More on that later.]

An early bedtime isn't entirely a bad thing. I can get more done in the evenings and Craig and I have more time to hang out together and pretend that we're just a simple young married couple again. That is a good thing when baby world can overtake that feeling so easily. However, there are a couple bad things about it. First, we don't get home until at least 6, and usually one of us is even later than that. Craig has his radio show Mondays, I usually work a little late Tuesday, Craig likes to try to work out on Wednesdays, Thursdays are my workout days, and Friday there's usually a hockey game. Generally one of us gets him by 5:30-6, but that only leaves a couple hours of quality time before bed, and less for the late arriver. On top of that, we now have a busier evening schedule than we used to. Playtime is obviously important, and there's at least one regular feeding in there somewhere (for him and us, usually not at the same time). Now we're working on this solid food thing, so about 20-30 min. is spent doing that, and at least every other night we do a bath. Finally, he's still getting his nebulizer treatment every evening, for about 10 minutes. It just doesn't leave a lot of "chill" time. Of course, if he goes to bed earlier he does wake up earlier...but 6:30am is not quality time on Mommy's end. And even if it was, I'm still generally having to rush around in the morning so there's not a lot of playtime to be had...and he generally goes back to sleep for an hour or so after eating anyway.

He was up until 9 tonight so maybe those two nights were just blips...but it seemed to me that he could have gone to sleep after he ate, if I would have let him. Why didn't I? Well, he needed his nebulizer treatment, and after missing it twice this week, I didn't want to let it go a third time. I guess we'll see how things go next week to see if this is a new trend or not.

So....getting back to my traumatic experience tonight....and caution: Probably not the best thing to be reading if you just ate. Anyway, I put Jacob down around 9pm and then came to the computer to check a couple things and write this blog. Jacob was making his usual fuss in his crib (somewhere between talking and crying--happens for about 15 minutes most nights), and after a few minutes I decided to go in and check on him. As I was rubbing his back and shushing him, all of a sudden he threw up. A lot. I heard the first round and switched the light on in time to see the second round. Definitely some projectiling going on there. Of course it would have to be the first night we tried food with color. Did you know that green beans and cereal come back up yellow? Jacob was obviously stunned--puking is a lot different than spitting up, I have a feeling. I put him on a blanket on the floor while I tried to figure out what to do next. I pulled everything off the crib and then started stripping Jacob down. He seemed much better by then, but while I was remaking the bed he coughed and gagged again so I quickly turned him over so a little more could come up. It was much less that time, and lighter in color. He seemed to be feeling better fairly quickly after that, with a couple smiles and lots of talking. I did call the doctor and got some instructions just in case. Even though I am totally freaking out about the thought of him choking on his own vomit, I put him back to bed fairly quickly. It was late and I figured he was extra exhausted after all of that. He made more noise for a few minutes but fell asleep pretty quickly. I then ran down to the laundry room to start washing everything...I only have so many rounds of sheets and mattress covers! I am listening to the monitor like a hawk right now in case I hear any more gushes, but I'd almost have to think he got rid of it all the first time. I know, that's what everyone says until more comes up. Ugh.

I have a few theories about what happened. Theory #1) Green beans don't agree with him. I guess I'll have to test that theory again tomorrow, just in case. I don't think green beans are too highly allergenic so I doubt that's really the issue, but perhaps it's going to take a couple rounds to make sure it's ok. He seemed to like the taste, though, so I'm hopeful he'll be a good veggie guy. Theory #2) It's the flu. Man, I hope not. But it happens. I guess we'll find out whenever I happen to feed him next, be it in the morning or in the middle of the night if he wakes up hungry, which he might after going to bed with an empty stomach. But really, he didn't seem like he was feeling crappy tonight, so either it hit him all of a sudden, or...Theory #3) He shook himself up. Stupid mom move I know not to make again (I hope)...don't let your baby bounce after eating. After the second unsuccessful solid food night in a row (hopefully more on that in a blog this weekend), I gave him a bath and then gave him a normal feeding. After that I needed to eat (big lunch, late dinner) and he LOVES the jumperoo so I put him in there for a while while I quickly cooked and ate. Of course, he's now really good at bouncing, and stupid me didn't think about the full belly he had. Even still, he seemed fine right up until it actually happened. We even got through a couple books (complete with giggles for the one) before bed.

So, I'm really hoping it was the bouncing that got him all shook up. Definitely a little nervous about the overnight and the next feeding, though. I'm my mother's daughter and definitely not good with puking. It's not chunky or anything yet at this point and could be a lot worse, but it's still not pleasant. And the choking thing scares me to death. I just want my little boy feeling ok. I'll keep you posted.

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