Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Home Sick

Today I stayed home with Jacob. We had a LONG night and a rough morning, so I couldn't in good conscience send him to day care. He woke up about every hour and a half overnight, crying uncontrollably. While the coughing and wheezing are definitely a problem, I'm convinced he's waking up with teething pain and then the coughing and congestion keep him up even when the teething pain has subsided a bit...God bless the makers of Infant Tylenol. What makes the crying episodes so difficult is that nothing seems to work. No amount of back rubbing, shushing, talking or cuddling seems to help. It's almost like he's just got to get through the bout of pain, and then he slowly relaxes again, with the help of all of the aforementioned methods. It's made any sort of sleeping (night time or naps) tough these days...definitely not something we're used to after months of relatively decent sleep. We've been taking turns getting up with him, but we're both still pretty tired after all of that. I got a short nap in earlier which seemed to help, but still...we're on a nasty path back to sleep deprivation. This morning was extra rough because Jacob wouldn't eat. He only ate for five minutes at 6:30, and that was it. I just decided that he seemed out of sorts enough that I didn't want to have to pass him off to someone else, and figured I was overdue to stay home with him anyway...probably should have done it one of the last couple days.

He slept on me for a good portion of the morning and ate by 9 or so. Fortunately, his mood seemed to improve. Still a couple rough patches, but considering what things have been like lately, that seemed good. His cough is still pretty ugly and when you hear him wheezing it's painful, but he seemed to do less of that over the course of the day so I'm hoping we've turned a corner. Craig is still looking into seeing an asthma specialist to see if Jacob is displaying any signs of that. Two bouts of bronchiolitis and five months of coughing and congestion definitely have us concerned. We'll see where that goes. I guess he told them what Jacob was getting medication-wise right now and they said that sounded right, so that put his mind at ease a bit in the short term. I just long for the day when Jacob doesn't cough anymore and can breathe freely. Anyway, it ended up being a relatively decent day home with him. I got a little time to do my stuff while he napped this afternoon, and we had some good quality smile time for a good portion of the afternoon. Tonight may be another story, but even still, I think I'll feel better about sending him back to day care tomorrow.

I'm really just dying to have teething out of the way, but I know it's a long road. Maybe some of it won't be this bad. I don't know how much of this we can take, but I guess we don't have a choice. Poor Jacob.

On a happier note, he did have a good period last night and below is a little video (finally) of him in his Jumperoo!

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