Monday, January 12, 2009

Long Weekend...

...and I don't mean the happy kind that start or end with a day off of work. Friday night puking aside, it was still a tough weekend. Jacob was cranky and I was on my own for a good chunk of it since Craig was working for pretty much the whole thing. I do not miss three-in-three weekends. Anyway, Jacob just wasn't his usual self. He was whiny and irritable, took a couple really long naps and still woke up cranky, didn't sleep too soundly at night, was coughing worse than ever, and just wasn't flashing that amazing smile nearly as often as usual. I think teething was really giving him a lot of discomfort. He was chewing on his hands a lot. Giving him Tylenol seemed to help a bit at times, but he still seemed uncomfortable and unhappy. It was hard to watch and equally hard to deal with at times. Nothing seemed to make him content. There was this moaning sound he kept making, like a broken record...pretty much right up until the moment he'd fall asleep. I knew he was uncomfortable but there was just nothing else I could do for him. I held him a lot, let him sleep on me, and just tried to distract him as much as I could. And it probably didn't help matters that we had a couple more disasterous attempts at solid foods. He starts protesting almost the moment I put him in the high chair, and won't even open his mouth when I try to feed him. And even if I sneak something in, he won't swallow. I'm sure there's a deeper reason behind all of this, but right now I'm not sure what part of his discomfort might be causing it.

Anyway, he woke up at 1:45am this morning and it took an hour and various attempts to get him back to sleep for good. Craig tried, then I tried...which provided a few minutes of quiet, and then I finally had to rely on the heavy artillery (a quick feeding) to calm him down. I got back in bed just before 3. When I got him up this morning he wasn't too into eating. We got through about 15-20 minutes and he was done. He was coughing like crazy and screamed through his nebulizer treatment. Craig called the doctor and got an appointment for this morning. Turns out that the bronchiolitis is back. Ugh. Right back where we started almost five months ago. We have a couple different medications to try this time. Another nebulizer treatment, and something to give orally. So, it's no wonder the little guy isn't feeling great, and then to add teething on top of that...yikes. Hopefully this does the trick, but pardon me if I'm a bit skeptical after all we've been through. I can hardly imagine what it would be like to hear Jacob minus the congestion and coughing. But wouldn't it be great...

All of this has really gotten me thinking (yet again) about how parents of truly sick kids do it. I can't imagine if this was something more serious (i.e., terminal or life-long), like cancer or cystic fibrosis or any other number of horrible disorders and diseases out there. When I give Jacob his nebulizer, I think about the parents of CF sufferers out there that have to clear the mucus out of their children's lungs with an apparatus that literally beats it out of them. We hear about it every year at a dinner the Amerks put on, and it never hit home more than last year when I was pregnant. I guess if it happens you just deal with it, but it's so heartbreaking to think about. Whenever I get down about Jacob's illness, I just try to tell myself that it's temporary, he'll probably be ok in the long run (though the chances are good he'll have allergies and maybe even asthma), and this is nothing compared to what some people deal with. It's still not fun to watch him go through it, but he will be fine.

Tonight he alternated between really happy and really miserable. He was happy when I picked him up at daycare, fell asleep by the time we got home from the grocery store, woke back up to eat a little bit, got cranky again and didn't really want to play (though he did crack a few smiles when his dog was singing to him). He was wheezing like crazy at that point so I gave him the nebulizer with the new meds. He screamed through that and seemed extra miserable, so I gave him some Tylenol, then he ate a little more and was really happy after that. He smiled through his bath and getting his jammies on, enjoyed two books, then smiled at me from his crib. He's been crying or making noise ever since I walked out of the room, but he should tire himself out eventually. I'll stop in again in a few minutes. It's a little earlier than his normal bedtime, but a little extra rest can't hurt at this point and it just seemed like a good time to put him down.

Anyway, I hope the meds work their magic and we've got a happier baby in a day or two. It was nice to see flashes of that again tonight, for the first time in a while. Off to check on him...good night :)

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