Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Baby's Schedule

A baby's schedule never tends to exactly mesh with yours. No matter how you plan, no matter how well you think you know your baby, it always seems like they've got some sort of trick up their sleeve whenever you think you've got them figured out. I had our day all planned out. We had a lazy morning, mostly just working around Jacob's eating and my getting ready, and then we headed out to the bank and Wal-Mart for a couple things. I was thinking of going to Wegmans, too, but decided it was just for one thing and it was more of a hassle to run in for one thing when I had Jacob with me...much easier to do it alone or when Craig was in the car and could stay with Jacob. Not worth spending the time today. I grabbed lunch while we were out, and we headed home. Jacob napped a little while we were out, and when we got home he was hungry. I wanted to eat my food while it was hot, and Jacob happily played in his Jumperoo while I did. Just as I was finishing up, I heard and saw (via his "poopy face" that he makes when he pushes) that Jacob pooped. He woke up with a dirty diaper this morning, so this one made sense since he usually poops in twos. Jacob is now officially the king of the blowout. At least three of every four poopy diapers is a blowout of some sort. I've tried two brands, a few different types within those brands, and no luck avoiding the blowouts. Ugh. And I know he's not to big for the diapers, so I can't really go up a size right now. So yeah, big nasty blowout. I cleaned him up and left him rolling around in his crib while I went to scrub everything out, and when I came back up he ate. By the time he was done we were cutting it close to make it out to Victor before 3:30, the end of the open house hours to visit with Laurie & Colin, who I think I mentioned in my last post. Still, I pressed on. Well, just as he was in his snowsuit and carrier and sitting by the door waiting for me to get my shoes on, I heard him fart again. He made the poopy face again. Three poops in one day has happened before, but not often. Not willing to take a risk with the blowouts, I gave up hope of getting out to Victor and got him out of his seat and snowsuit to go change him. He had indeed pooped (only a little on his onesie by the legs), but while I was changing him (and in between diapers, of course) he pooped again. So that meant more cleanup. Ugh. I am REALLY sick of scrubbing poo out of stuff. Seriously. I gave myself a blister doing it before Christmas, and it almost came back today.

Well, I did a load of laundry (no time like the present), and we then took a nap on the couch for a couple hours until we had to start getting ready to go to the Knighthawks game. I never make it to games on time anymore, no matter how early I aim to leave. I think Jacob ate around 6, and I ate my dinner at the same time. At 6:30 I got him changed, put on my Knighthawks shirt, and started getting him back into his snowsuit and seat. I ended up running and grabbing a couple things while he was waiting for me, and just as I was ready to put on my second sneaker, I heard it again. Another fart. And another round of poopy face. Are you kidding me? Well, by the time I got him out, changed him (no blowout this time) and got him back in his seat, we were on target to once again be late. Ugh.

We got there about five minutes late, and actually had a pretty good time. He took a nap while we were wandering, and generally stayed in a good mood. Too bad the Knighthawks stink and lost again. Much closer this time than the rest of their games this season, though. Jacob fell asleep again on the way home, woke up smiling while I changed his diaper and got him in his PJs, and only fussed for a couple minutes before falling back to sleep. We'll see how the changed evening schedule impacts his sleeping overnight.

So, we shall try to visit Laurie & Colin again tomorrow. I hope it works this time, because I've been looking forward to this for a while, and I'm not sure when we'll get a chance again. Today was just one of those days when a baby's schedule takes over your world, and there's nothing you can do about it. Minor stuff, I know...but it definitely takes some getting used to!

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