Friday, January 16, 2009

A Little Relief

Well, the bronchiolitis still stinks, but Jacob seems to have made a bit of a recovery. He slept from 8:30 last night to about 5:15 this morning, which was SO much better than the previous two nights, which were as bad as (if not worse than) when he was a newborn. When he woke up this morning he was just sort of babbling a bit, maybe a little whine, but it was enough to keep us awake so I got up. He seemed hungry so I fed him for a few minutes and he went back to sleep no problem. It was so close to the time that I would normally get up that I didn't have much of a chance to go back to sleep, but compared to the previous nights of sleep this was much better. I'm definitely hoping he keeps it up this weekend while Craig is on the road, because I'm not sure I could do all the night shift alone. Just feeding him when he was a newborn was one thing, but uncontrollable crying is another. I don't know what switch got flipped overnight, but I am grateful. He was actually pretty miserable in the evening yesterday, with this pathetic, laryngitis-esque whine. But after a nebulizer treatment and a feeding, he calmed down and we decided to put him in bed in his clothes rather than wake him up to change him. He'd been waking up so much lately that we figured we'd get the chance to change him in an hour or two anyway. Well, that didn't happen until 5:30, and that was awesome. He was really smiley this morning and picked right back up when I got him at day care tonight. Whew. The cough and congestion are still there and it makes his whines, giggles and noises sound different. He's still wheezing a bit, too. But the crying fits that we assume were caused by teething seem to have subsided for now. No teeth yet, but I'm starting to think his bottom gums are feeling a little hard, so perhaps the teeth aren't far away. I keep hoping the worst is over, but I doubt it. A little break will be nice, though...I need to catch up on my sleep!

We had some fun playing tonight, and then I fed him...but he still seemed hungry. Perhaps he's got some catching up to do after days of not eating very well (again, guessing it was teething pain). So...I decided to give solids another try. I put him in his little rocking chair for a change of scenery, and decided to casually give him some homemade applesauce. While I have been wanting to do veggies first, his aversion to solids has been making me think that I may need to give him something hard to resist so he gets used to it again and welcomes solids in general. I have a bunch of apples in my fridge and figured I could use the fine grater on my cheese grater. It worked really well, actually. Feeding it didn't, unfortunately. It wasn't awful but he's still not into it. He wasn't totally miserable like he had been and actually allowed me to give him a couple little bites. I was eating what he wasn't, both because it was pretty good and because I wanted to show him how to eat it (and homemade applesauce seemed much less scary than pureed vegetables to do that with!). He kept making this sour face, which may be because it was a new flavor and perhaps the apples were a bit tart. I think he'll come around, though. Even though he wouldn't eat the apples he still seemed hungry (kept trying to latch on through my sweater, even when he was sitting up on my lap--yep, it was sort of funny) so I decided to try cereal again. I sat him on my lap and gave it a shot, but he just wasn't into it. I still think he's so traumatized from the week straight that we tried cereal and he rejected it. I was trying to be consistent and keep trying it like they suggest (babies sometimes need to try things many, many times before they accept new foods...did you know that?), and I think all it got me was a baby who won't open his mouth for anything, including medicine or vitamins now. Ugh. I'm not sure what my next step is. More waiting, and maybe a different fruit like bananas, since my fellow mommy friend Laurie seemed to have success with that. Ultimately I'd like to mix it into the cereal to get him used to that. I know solids aren't vital, but I don't want to keep giving in either because at seven months (Tuesday!) he should be ready. Guess I'll ask the doctor at his two-week follow up for the bronchiolitis.

Well, time to run off and start taking down the Christmas tree before heading off to bed. It's all been a little delayed thanks to a busy schedule and Jacob's rough week, but hopefully this weekend we'll get a big chunk of the living room back...or at least pass it over to the jumperoo! Have a nice weekend!

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