Sunday, November 30, 2008

What a weekend...

Well, despite the fact Jacob is crying right now, it was a pretty great weekend. Fever and current bedtime fussiness aside, we really had a very nice 4-1/2 days together. It was nice having such a long uninterrupted time with him. It's rare to have that. Today was exceptionally fun, with lots of smiles and happy time. He was a really good boy, other than when he was so tired that he got fussy--this kid can fight sleep like few others--but for the most part he was downright awesome. He was so much fun to play with. He seems to be getting to the point that I can simply look at him and he'll start smiling...let alone if I make a funny face, blow raspberries at him, or give him a toy to play with. He's also getting to be quite the grabber. On Friday he grabbed a spoon off the table very swiftly, and later he knocked over a (closed) 2-Liter bottle of soda/pop (pick your word--I grew up in Buffalo but live in Rochester so I'm torn) just by reaching out for it while he was in my arms. Oops. Yesterday he did the same with my plastic glass at a restaurant (just ice). Today he was reaching for all sorts of stuff. It's funny to watch him fixate on something and start exploring. We're definitely getting into a new frontier with that stuff. He's becoming more interested in grown-up food, but I think I'm still going to hold out on solid food a little longer. No sense rushing things. Maybe a couple more weeks and we'll give it a shot, just so we can get in a decent groove before we're off for another few routine-jarring days in Buffalo at Christmas. I forgot to mention that he weighed in around 16-1/2 pounds at the doctor he's definitely getting bigger by the day. He's a lot to cart around sometimes, but when he falls asleep in your arms or hangs on to your neck (another new thing--nice to not always have to support him completely when I need that extra hand), it's worth it. Anyway, it'll be tough dropping him off tomorrow. It definitely makes me look forward to the whole week I'll have off at Christmas, not to mention any additional vacation days I happen to take between now and then. Long weekends more than ever.

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