Thursday, November 13, 2008

Diaper Issues

Now that Jacob is choosing to sleep on his belly or his side most of the time (not that I still don't go in and flip him once in a while), a new problem cropped up. Quite a few mornings he'd wake up wet, like he was peeing out of the top of his diaper. I figured out that the way he was laying must make the top of the diaper gape open, and when he pees there's nothing there to contain it. Not cool.

I've stated before on this blog that the internet has greatly changed/enhanced baby life. Perplexed about what to do, I went onto Yahoo Answers and asked about this issue. I got about 10 answers within a few minutes, ranging from using a larger diaper to getting overnight diapers to folding down the front of the diaper into the diaper to create a barrier. Since we had some size 3 diapers waiting in the wings (thanks Cousin Lynn, for the gift you gave us ages ago!), I decided to give the one-size-up diaper trick a try.

Although he's had some diaper blowouts recently as well, he doesn't really seem ready for a bigger diaper yet...based on weight, anyway. The 3's start at 18 pounds or so, and he's not even close...let alone that he's always been fine in a smaller size even when he was above the weight range...that skinny waist! Size 3's seem huge on him, though I know he'll grow into them soon enough. However, they fit enough that he could wear one, though it seemed awfully bulky and like it took over his whole body--like old man pants, pulled all the way up to his chest! Regardless...this morning I got him up and he was dry! And the diaper even performed well with his mid-breakfast poop :) Thank goodness. It remains to be seen whether or not this method will continue to work, but so far so good. Kudos to the internet folks who suggested it!

Not much else to report these days. It seems like he's getting bigger every day, and he's obsessed with faces now. Whenever he's laying down and we're looking down at him, he grabs for our faces...mouths especially. He even does it when he's nursing (speaking of which, he's easily distracted these days which makes getting in a good, solid feeding tough...though I can't deny that when he looks up at me and smiles, it cracks me up). He's had some irrationally cranky crying spells this week, but in general once they're over (either because we do something or he just stops), he goes right back to being all smiles. Gas maybe? I experimented for the second time with soy milk over the weekend because I miss cereal so much, and that might have triggered it. As you may recall, I decided Jacob must have a cow's milk protein sensitivity because he was so gassy early on, and gave up milk a while back (just couldn't do all dairy...cheese and ice cream are too hard! His first major spell was on Sunday, followed shortly thereafter by some massive gas passing. I have no idea if the soy did it--many babies with the milk protein sensitivity have the same issue with soy--but I don't know how long it would take to get out of my system either. Hmmm. But for the most part he's still a happy boy...and I can't wait to spend another weekend with him starting tomorrow night! :)

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