Wednesday, November 26, 2008

First Fever

Just in time for Thanksgiving, Jacob has come down with a fever. Apparently he was a little cranky, extra sleepy, and a little warm at daycare yesterday, and by the time I got home Craig was having a rough time with him too. He definitely felt warm, and after some less than successful temperature-taking early on, I decided that the digital thermometer that came with a baby toiletry kit wasn't going to cut it. We had used that thermometer to try to take an underarm temperature when we were afraid Jacob was overheating in our hot house, and it just never seemed to get a solid temperature. to Walmart I went to buy an ear thermometer, which Jacob is now old enough for and I had been meaning to get sometime soon anyway. When I got home and finally figured out how to use it, he had a temperature of 100. I called the doctor and they said to give him Tylenol. If it sticks around for three days, we need to call back to make sure he doesn't have an ear infection. The Tylenol worked like a charm for the fever. He ate fine, cracked a few smiles and went to bed without much problem. He woke up once at 5:30, but a little snuggling and he was fine until I woke him up to eat this morning.

After much back and forth, Craig and I finally figured out that he would take the morning and I would take the afternoon. He had to be home to wait for a plumber anyway (our bathtub faucet is leaking a bunch--nothing a few hundred bucks won't fix), so he just stuck around until I could come home at 1. I would have gotten out of work early today anyway, but took a sick half day so I could be home sooner. His temperature was probably low enough that we could still have sent him to daycare, but 1) I don't want anyone else's sick kid there, so I shouldn't send mine either; and 2) He was so cranky with Craig this morning that he didn't want to "dump him off" on them. He wouldn't eat much for Craig earlier, but he had a very good feeding when I got home and was happy and laughing for a good hour, I think. Then he started to get a little cranky and I rocked him to sleep. He woke up a bit when I put him down, and has made a bit of noise twice since then, but each time he seems to drift back off. When he wakes up he'll be due for another dose of Tylenol, and hopefully I can finish packing his stuff up for our Thanksgiving travels.

I don't know what's causing the fever at this point. He's always pretty congested--it's never really let up since the bronchiolitis. His cough is less frequent and usually less painful-sounding than it used to be. Hard to tell if he's just going to have they daycare perma-cold for the rest of the winter now, or if the bronchiolitis remnants just happened to run into a couple colds and the fever is part of this particular cold. It crossed my mind that he might be teething, since he seemed to be sucking on his fingers a lot today. I didn't feel anything, but I have no idea how much you can feel before a tooth actually breaks through the skin. In any event, I'm hoping this clears up soon. We have a few very busy days ahead and I was really looking forward to hanging out with my normally happy little boy! I guess we'll just be packing the thermometer and Tylenol, once again hauling the humidifer along for the trip, and hoping for the best.

If I don't get a chance to blog tomorrow, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there!

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