Sunday, January 31, 2016

This Week in Blog History...

I'm feeling under the weather (again) today, so I'm doing a cop-out (but still fun) post looking back at where we were in late January-early February in the history of the blog.  It's always fun to look back.

But yeah, in present time, Jacob went to sleep in the bathroom with a terrible stomach ache last night, and yet I was the one who woke up feeling a little off in the middle of the night.  Luckily it stayed south, if you know what I mean, but it wasn't the best night.  Today has been a very slow progression of food, and while nothing more has happened, I still feel a little off.  Craig wasn't feeling too well either, but ironically, Jacob was fine.  We really just need to get healthy around here. We've had three straight weekends with some sort of illness.  Better than weekdays, but still. 

Without further ado, let's see where we've been...

2008 - I was in the midst of adjusting to my growing baby belly.  I was finally getting to stock up on some maternity clothes as my usable "regular" clothes were starting to get too small.  Every piece I found was a little victory, especially when they were on clearance!  I was also starting to be sure that the flutters I was feeling were really baby movement.  That was so fun--one of the few things I miss about pregnancy!

2009 - Jacob's teeth were starting to come in, which was causing him a lot of pain and all of us a lot of interrupted sleep.  We were also dealing with his nasty cough/respiratory illness that bothered him for about nine months in all.  We had to use the nebulizer, which was so challenging with a squirmy baby who couldn't understand why we had to put this thing up to his face.  We were also still trying to make solid foods more of a regular thing, since Jacob was really resistant to them early on, and it seemed we might be making some traction. 

2010 - We were fresh off a weekend trip away from Jacob.  He stayed with my parents and I went up to Toronto with Craig for a Knighthawks game.  Man, we really need more of that kind of time away now.  Jacob also got his first experience playing in the snow while we were at my parents' house!  We were also going through another round of teething, which was causing more interrupted sleep.  We were dealing with nasty diaper rash and extreme dry skin, too.  Winter does not do my boys' skin any favors, apparently.  At that point, Jacob was already starting to walk around with a hockey stick all the time, which was a regular thing for a long time after.  Finally, we were going through the stress of trying to sell our house and prepare to move into the house we're in now.  Our second deal was in place after the first fell through, so we were hopeful this would be it!  Thankfully, it was.

2011 - Jacob had just been diagnosed with strep, which was apparently after many other strep tests over the course of the winter.  A sore on his face was our only sign that time, and I often refer to that as my introduction to the world of weird kid symptoms for strep.  They're never what you think!  We were also in the healing stages of his first-ever surgery, the one to remove an irregular mole from his leg.  That went pretty smoothly, with Jacob in seemingly very little pain through the whole thing.  We were working on potty training, which wasn't going particularly well.  I was also pondering moving him up to a big boy bed.  He was four months younger than Carter is now, but we're in a very similar spot today.  I guess I'm in less of a hurry now!  Potty training is going better than it was then, but we're still dealing with some accidents.  I'm pondering changing Carter's crib over to a toddler bed soon, but I'm still pretty torn on that, too.  I'll be writing a post on that soon, I think.

2012 - We were in the midst of figuring out my fertility issues, but taking a break on trying to avoid our Florida trip that fall that never actually happened.  That was a tough period because it felt like baby #2 might never happen.  Jacob was getting increasingly challenging, with a lot of the constant noise we still with, and a lot of resistance.  He'd begun his phase of sleeping on the floor, which lasted quite a while and nearly ruined his carpet!  He was also having some potty issues again, this time with a sore butt that may have been caused by poop sneaking out and irritating the skin.  I look back and wonder if any of that was already related to his Celiac disease, even though he was more than a year away from diagnosis. 

2013 - I was dealing with the worst part of my pregnancy, where my mucus plug was thinning (and scaring the crap out of me).  I was always exhausted and uncomfortable, and nervous that at any moment my water might break.  It was such an overwhelming time, not knowing when this baby might arrive and knowing I had so much to do to prepare.  Little did I know I really only had a couple weeks left!  I did manage to get the room painted during the first week of February, and I was spending a lot of time soaking stained baby clothes and getting them organized and put away.  I had forgotten that I went to my doctor in a panic because I really thought the mucus plug might be a fluid leak!  Oh, and I wanted to reshare my belly photo from that time, because the definition in my belly still fascinates me to this day!

2014 - We were starting to dig into the psychological/behavioral evaluations for Jacob, in the wake of some of the worst of his behavior.  That was when the possibility for Aspergers was first brought up, which definitely had us nervous.  Those evaluations continued into the spring, and while it was disappointing to not end up with clear direction, in the end it was a relief that we weren't facing a specific diagnosis that he would carry with him forever.  Carter went through a difficult run with a double ear infection, but other than that we were having a good time playing with him.  He was in such a cute, silly phase.  He was just starting to stand, too.  Oh, my sweet baby!  Oh, and I was also moving my desk at work after 8-1/2 years in the same spot.  Who knew I'd have less than a year in that new space?

2015 - Most of what was happening a year ago had to do with me being off work.  I was discovering how pleasant stay-at-home mom life could be, and settling into my new, temporary normal.  I discovered that I don't mind housework when my time isn't so limited.  I took the time to go see the Dale Chihuly piece here in Rochester that I'd never seen in person (and now I fundraise for the school of music it resides in!).  I enjoyed my bonus time with Carter.  Of course, I also had to deal with Jacob getting suspended from the afterschool program.  But overall it was a pretty decent time considering I didn't have a job!  Being home for part of a morning this week with Jacob before his doctor appointment reminded me yet again of how much I miss my time at home. 

It's so funny to do one of these posts and see how our lives have evolved over the last eight years.  There are certainly themes, like sickness and behavior issues, that pop up from year to year, but I'm always fascinated by reading about when I was pregnant or recalling unique experiences like kid firsts or being off work.  Life is always evolving, and it's such a reminder of what a journey we're on...

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