Sunday, January 24, 2016

News and Notes, Not Snowed In Edition

So while the rest of the East Coast and Mid-Atlantic region is completely snowed in with 2-3 feet of snow, we're luxuriating here in Rochester with about six inches on the ground, our first snow that actually stuck around for more than a couple days.  We got it last Monday into Tuesday, luckily finishing off when I was home with Jacob, which made shoveling a little easier.  I think we had about four inches then and a couple more over the next few days.  I don't mind snow like this.  And today we even got into the 30-degree range, which happened so rarely last winter once there was snow on the ground.  It was nice to see a little thawing!

So...let's see...Jacob.  He went back to school on Thursday and in his words, he was "more popular than a rock star!"  Or something like that.  He's been using the school's wheelchair for now.  I think it was good that the packet of get well cards from his friends came just in time to remind him of all the kids there waiting for him, and he seemed excited to go back.  And everyone was very happy to see him, so he's been enjoying the attention.  I think it'll be even more fun when he gets his real cast and they can sign it!  But so far so good on the school front.

At's a bit more of a mixed bag.  As much as he's gotten more self-sufficient with his crutches, he's also still having a lot of ugly spills.  Now that he's getting more comfortable with them, I think he's losing his focus again and getting complacent.  He trips over nothing.  It's painful to watch, and we're not quite sure how to stop it.  He really just needs to buckle down and focus, or he's going to hurt himself.  Again, it's not always practical to be right next to him when he's getting around, and even if we are, he can get a step ahead and you can't catch him anyway.  It's hard.  We're definitely looking forward to Thursday's appointment to get on to another "next step", the permanent cast and hopefully more insight into the next couple months.  At least he doesn't have any pain, and the itches have been minimal.  He even got a bath with it last night!

In other news, I've been battling something this weekend.  On Friday I had a busy day at work, as we had an event on our music school's campus most of the day, and by that night I had a bit of a scratchy throat and I was really tired early.  I went to bed a little early and still woke up feeling equally awful.  I was tired, my throat was still really sore, and I was pretty much useless the whole day.  I never changed out of my pajamas or put on makeup.  I was stuck in a weird spot between nausea and hunger.  I felt nauseous a lot of the time and didn't really crave any food, but I kept getting hungry.  I ate a couple cups of dry cereal and not much else.  It was a total waste of a day.  Luckily Craig was here all weekend so that made it much easier to lay around all day.  We watched a lot of TV and Craig did his best to keep the kids entertained.  By my (early) bedtime I was convinced I was going to wake up in the middle of the night with stomach issues, as my evening "snack" made my stomach gurgle.  I just didn't feel right.  Luckily, nothing ever happened and I woke up this morning feeling better.  Not perfect, but better.  I showered, got dressed, put on makeup, and even had a very unproductive Kohl's shopping trip.  I got to play some Rollercoaster Tycoon with Jacob, made a crockpot dinner, and did a couple things around the house.  I salvaged the weekend, at least.  I'm still battling a bit of a tickly, hoarse throat from time to time, but I'm thrilled it didn't get worse. 

Carter has been a major challenge for the last few weeks.  He's been talking back a lot more, throwing toys, hitting when he's angry, and reveling in being a general pain in the butt.  It's hard to tell if he's just picking up on a lot of Jacob's naughtiness, or is finally hitting the terrible twos just in time for three.  It started a little before Jacob's surgery, so I don't think it's directly tied into that, but I wouldn't doubt that with all of the attention Jacob has gotten lately, he's trying to exert himself.  He's been brutal at bedtime, from fighting to get in his jammies to staying up an hour after bedtime nearly every night.  He seems like such a party pooper lately, too.  He's not excited about his birthday, and told me today when we read an Easter book that he doesn't want any Easter eggs.  He was like that about Christmas, too.  He doesn't want to do anything fun like that.  I don't know what that's all about, but it's a bummer given how deliriously happy he was for the first two years of his life.  Finally, he's been so-so on the potty training.  He did better in the last week or so, but had an epic accident during nap on Thursday and a minor one tonight.  I can't complain, though.  He's doing pretty well overall.  But he's definitely challenging us right now, and it stinks.  I want my happy, easy-going boy back. 

I found out this week that he'll be moving up to the three-year-old room at daycare on February 1.  I was told that he's been a bit aggressive in his room, and they think it's because he's bored.  I worry a little bit about him with the big kids since he's so small, but hopefully he will thrive in there with more to learn and more toys that are right up his alley.  I once had visions of changing daycares when he hit this room, but now with his behavior issues and the quick switch I'm just not sure what to do.  I still don't like putting money in that owner's pocket.  I don't mind the new director and of all the new teachers I think the two in that room are the ones I get the best vibe from.  But I may still have issues come summer when Jacob needs a place to go.  Other places only charge for days they're there, which works well for him going to lacrosse camps, but our place doesn't have that.  So we may have to switch no matter what...but it's a tough call right now because nowhere seems like a perfect fit for both kids, our budget, and our comfort level.

The kids have been back to bugging one another whenever possible, which is a bummer since we had some peace for a week or so.  We were supposed to have a new sticker chart for Jacob in place by our counseling meeting tomorrow, but with the surgery and being out of our usual rhythms, we didn't quite figure out how we should structure it or what we needed to focus on.  And now with how Carter has been, I'm thinking both kids need one.  So we failed on our homework there.  But I as much as sticker charts can work in the short term, I hate them in the long run because they lose their effectiveness and make the kids expect a reward for doing what they're supposed to do anyway.  It's one thing for potty training where you're aiming to make it a habit sooner than it would have been otherwise, but behavior is such a long term challenge that it's inevitable that it won't be enough.  Not that we won't do it, but I want to be thoughtful about it, and this surgery thing has put everything into limbo for a bit. 

So, in general things are fine, but we definitely have enough to keep us occupied!  At least we can be thankful that we didn't get the crazy snow or a worse illness!  See, things aren't that bad :)

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