Wednesday, January 6, 2016

News & Notes, Carter Edition

In the midst of all of this Jacob stuff, I figured I should throw in a quick update on Carter!  I can't believe his birthday is just over a month away!  I really need to start party planning, actually.  The cake has been planned--not as fancy as some of them recently, but I think it will be fun!  I'll be winging it a bit, but I think he will like it!  We're pretty limited on birthday party dates because of Craig's schedule and Valentine's Day, so it looks like we'll be celebrating a week early, assuming I can get my stuff together!  I already have most of his gifts, though I'm leaving a little wiggle room for him to settle into his Christmas gifts, to see if there's anything he really gets into.  I'm finding that Christmas overflow and those newly discovered interests are the perks to having a kid with a birthday so soon after Christmas.  He started to get into gift opening and all that right at the end of Christmas, so I'm hoping his birthday will recapture that excitement!

I truly can't believe he's almost three.  Three sounds very big boy-ish, but he's supposed to be my baby!  It probably doesn't help that he's such a peanut.  He's still only about 25 pounds and maybe 36 inches (?), which is so small compared to a few other kids we know.  He blends in OK at daycare, but there's often a range of ages in his room so sometimes it's hard to tell.  He still fits in a lot of 2T clothes, but some of the pants and sleeves are starting to get short now.  I'm panicking a little, actually, since the pants are getting short but the waists on the next size up are still huge on him!  Luckily his jeans are fine and he's still got a closet packed with shirts, so we're fine, but it's always sad packing away the stuff that's too small.

Speaking of which, over the weekend I put away a few toys that are more on the babyish side, or that he just hasn't played with a lot.  We need to make space for the new stuff, so even though he may not have been totally done with some of them, we had to sacrifice the least used.  I'll feel much better about the toy situation once I take our tree down (hopefully this weekend) and can get the rest of our storage back in the living room.  Beyond that I need to start planning for Carter's big boy room, so I can envision toy storage for him there.  We still haven't transitioned over to the toddler bed setup, though I think that will have to come soon.  We don't have to truly switch things around until we move him up to a twin (at which point the bedtime reading chair will probably go, since we can sit in bed), but I'm trying to keep those changes in mind as I try to rearrange the living room toys.  But it was sad putting those toys away, because I know they're not coming back out as toys for *my* kids.  It wasn't bad with Jacob because I figured that someday most of them would be back, especially the gender neutral baby stuff.  But now that it's basically "forever", it's sad.  I know we should start donating, but I am keeping things around in the crawl space for as long as we have room and I am of childbearing age, just in case we change our minds or God specifically thinks we should be a family of five.  I know the second that stuff is out of the house, somehow I will have a birth control malfunction.  My mom says I should just get my tubes tied, but I have to be on birth control for my PCOS anyway, and anything too permanent scares me a bit.  Must be my indecisive side!

Carter has turned into quite the silly little boy, though.  He talks up a storm (still with his little stutter, unfortunately) and takes great pride in making Jacob laugh.  It doesn't take much (and honestly, most of what makes Jacob laugh ends up being nonsensical and generally annoying).  I know I should enjoy them laughing together, but most of the time it seems Jacob is laughing at him, rather than with him, so it's still not ideal.  But Carter can be so funny sometimes.  He can be very perceptive about things, too.  Sometimes he says something that I wouldn't think he'd have made a connection on, and he has!  He's still very loving and full of hugs and kisses.  He has a stubborn side, though!  He can be very hard to convince, so it's lucky for me he's still a lightweight!  He's definitely not a morning person and sometimes he's needlessly grumpy about things, just for the sake of being grumpy, it would appear.  But he's a pretty fun kid overall and I'm worried about how much I will miss him when I'm with Jacob in the hospital.

He still loves his cars and trucks, though pushing around his shopping cart and handing out food is still high on the list, too.  He has some favorite stuffed animals and loves snuggling his blankets in bed.  He always asks to watch Paw Patrol and Team Umizoomi on TV.  My favorite part of most evenings is snuggling next to him on the couch to watch a show.

But the big update is that today marks day #4 in undies!  We tried undies over the weekend and it went perfectly.  I didn't do it on Monday because I knew I needed to grab some extra undies and pants for his bag, but yesterday and today he did great!  It made me smile last night as we got ready for his bath and I looked at him running around in just his undies.  On one hand I'm so proud of him, and on the other I can't believe my baby boy is big enough (especially with that tiny little body) to have on undies!  He loves the Paw Patrol ones he got for Christmas, and I have some hand-me-downs from Jacob (dark colors, thankfully, but all still in really good condition) to get us through the week.  I'll still probably be a little nervous when we go out in public, but so far he's been perfect.  I am down to five more pull-ups and I'm thinking maybe we'll get one more small pack for car trips or other places it might be inconvenient, or where he might be hesitant to tell someone he has to go and an accident would be extra awkward (like Sunday School).  We still have a way to go at night (although over Christmas he did have a couple dry nights!), but given Jacob's struggles with that, I have zero expectations on that front.  We're about six months ahead of Jacob for daytime, so I will take it!

Anyway, I still find that I'm savoring every moment of being with him and that I'm less prone to wishing time away than I was last time around.  It helps that his terrible twos have been manageable, though I'm definitely on guard for the threes, as we all know they're often worse!  But I feel so lucky to have such a sweet, cool little boy to hang out with.  I love his big brother, too, obviously, but it's nice to have one kid who returns affection and listens at least some of the time!  I am one lucky mama to have him. 

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