Friday, January 15, 2016

Scenes from a Hospital

We're home from the hospital.  It's been a bit of a bumpy re-entry.  More on that soon.  But in the meantime, here are the photos from our hospital stay. 

Jacob kept himself occupied in the pre-surgery area with Minecraft on his iPad...

Right before he went in, we got a good laugh watching Craig try to get into his sterile uniform to accompany Jacob back to anesthesia...

He wasn't just laughing because Craig looked funny, but because he had a heck of a time figuring out the outfit--how to put on the booties, which side was the front of the was quite entertaining.

When we got up to our room, I was pleasantly surprised to get a corner room.  This was the view to the south...

...and to the west.  The airport is in the distance, and the foreground is the School of Nursing and a research building on the left, and various other parts of the medical center on the right.

After Jacob went to sleep last night, I spent a little time looking out the window again.  It was snowing a bit, which made it a bit ethereal out there. 

The overnight having a newborn.  It wasn't awful, but it was tiring.  I went to bed a little after 10.  Between nurses stopping in and Jacob having to pee, I think I was up every hour early on.  Then I think I finally got a few hours in a row before Craig came in at 3am after coming back from Toronto.  We had another pee break then, and I know a doctor came in sometime before 6am.  I think I maybe got a little more sleep before snoozing on and off for a couple hours before getting up for good somewhere around 8am.  Some of the sleep was decent, as the bed was comfy enough, but the sleep was so interrupted that it didn't do a lot of good.  It's not easy managing a cranky kid on not much sleep.  The anti-nausea medication that put Jacob to sleep seemed to do the trick, and he switched to a more tolerable pain med at that point, so his belly was fine today.  But he was still having leg pain when we had to move it.  And since he refused to use the walker, we had to use a plastic urinal bottle whenever he had to pee.  Getting him in a position to get the right angle was a challenge.  Either we risked him spraying, or I'd accidentally dig the rim into the wrong spot.  It was pretty frustrating, and we had to do this at least three times overnight.  And it was no better during the day.  Ugh. 

As I was getting up, I noticed a pink glow through the shades.  I snapped this picture as the sun rose...

Here is my bed in sleep mode...

...and in day mode.  The table lowers and a button pops the back cushion up so it can be flipped over the table and chair cushions.  The arm rests make for good spots for phone storage overnight!

And here is Craig's bed.  The back cushion detached with Velcro. 

Here is the current state of Jacob's leg.  It's wrapped up from just below the knee down to his toes.  There is a half cast/splint that will be replaced with a real cast in a couple weeks.  He's a little thrown off by his orange, Oompa Loompa toes and knee from the antiseptic. 

And here he is.  You have no idea how challenging it was to get this picture.  He said the bed was really comfortable--mostly because he liked adjusting it--and he loved having free reign over the TV, which was well-stocked with movies. 

The whole hospital is filled with little details.  The floor he was on has a city theme.  Notice the stoplight motif on the door...

Here's a close-up of the other door.  The bridge is reminiscent of a bridge downtown, complete with a river beneath.

And here is the bathroom.  Fancy, huh?

He had a hard time with his physical therapy session.  He's very hesitant to move himself around.  Learning to go upstairs on his butt and use his crutches was quite challenging.  However, Jacob enjoyed his lunch--he got a kick out of ordering that himself--and we finally got to head out. 

My parents left, Jacob took up his spot on the couch, and Carter said, "Mommy, you're back!" about half a dozen times in the 15 minutes after he woke up from his nap.  Jacob put together some Legos he got as a post-surgery gift while Craig stopped into work.  We watched some movies, had some dinner, and continued to get frustrated by getting him around the house.  He actually said he wanted to use the urinal again, rather than go upstairs (six steps) to use the bathroom.  While it is more awkward with crutches than you'd think, I informed him that I was not interested in holding up a bottle to his penis for the next month. Yay, motherhood.  So...we have a long way to go toward getting him more mobile and more confident on his crutches.  We'll hopefully find out Monday whether we need to rent a wheelchair for school, but even that is a pain in the neck with the leg flaps and all that.  It's definitely going to be a long month.

As a whole our hospital experience was as good as it could have been.  Between the beautiful room and the wonderful nurses and staff, we couldn't have asked for much more.  Jacob has been a trooper through the nausea and pain, but we really need him to get with the program on getting around, because his complacency could get him more hurt.  He gets off-balance and lets the crutches slip out from his armpits.  Part of that could be the painkillers, but he needs to be more careful and more willing to commit to getting better, or he risks making it worse. 

But we're relieved the surgery is over and we can try to get back in our normal groove.  Hopefully we can use the next week to adjust, and then we'll take another step with school the following week.  Then we'll get to the follow-up appointment and we'll be halfway through this very hard phase.  Baby steps....literally and figuratively.

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