Monday, April 11, 2011

What I've Been Waiting For...(a.k.a. Post #600!)

We finally had a good weekend. A truly pleasant, fun-filled weekend where the majority of my time was NOT spent yelling and dragging. Oh, yes, that stuff happened, but not nearly to the degree that it had been periodically over the past weeks and months. There are always moments, but when the moments start taking over, it's pure torture. This weekend was not. His ear infection medication seemed to be doing at least some good, as his sleeping situation returned to normal. He stopped waking up early at daycare, and he slept through the night. He's still got his cough and runny nose, but I'm hoping that'll get cleared up in the next five days. Allergies might be bothering him, but he's already on Claritin so there isn't much more we can do there. But until what's coming out of his nose is exclusively clear, it's probably still ear infection-related drainage. We were on our own for the weekend because Craig was working. A lot. He had a hockey game Friday night, two lacrosse games Saturday, and was on the road for a lacrosse game Sunday...and if that wasn't enough, he was missing a hockey game Sunday, too. Our plan for the weekend was shopping Friday night, a birthday party Saturday afternoon, Knighthawks game Saturday night, and a hockey game Sunday night. Normally I don't do two games in a weekend, but both games were the home season finales for the teams, and we hadn't been to a hockey game in a couple months (oops). And whenever we weren't busy, we'd probably be aiming to be outside since the weather was looking promising.

Friday night wasn't too bad. We went to dinner right from daycare because I needed to do a big shopping trip and we had to get started ASAP. I went to a place I knew we both liked, a local place called Carmine's, but I knew it would be a bit of a challenge because it's always busy and seating is a bit of a free-for-all. But Jacob can eat there for 99 cents and it was right on the way. Jacob was very good about staying with me as we wandered around waiting for a table, and other than not eating great and standing up on the bench near the end, he was great. He was equally good during our shopping trip, which was huge because it involved a lot of random meandering around a Super Walmart to find a bunch of stuff that I'd had on a mental list for weeks. All in all it was very successful. I forgot to mention that I also had a little potty training trial on the agenda, which I'll get more into later, but Jacob was aware of it and was apparently very excited. While Craig and I were both preoccupied on Saturday morning, Jacob helped himself to his big boy underwear supply and Craig found him running around like this--note the red underwear.He had specifically requested to wear the red pair for our little trial, but unfortunately, he'd put them on wrong (leg hole as the waist) and he stretched them out. He later did it with another pair, too, when I wasn't looking. Oy.

He had a relatively good morning but I was concerned about how a noon birthday party would go, since he usually eats lunch around that time and is napping away by 1ish. Fortunately adrenaline seemed to do its job and he was fine. The party was at a place called Kango, a local play center we'd never been to before. They have a big crawl structure with slides, a big inflatable obstacle course, some games, and an area for roller skating/trike riding. You can see the crawl structure to the left, and the inflatable to the right. The rink area is in the back and the games were behind me.

Almost immediately Jacob was obsessed with the basketball game. I don't know if the setup of the place reminded him of the last party we went to like that (for his second cousin Emma), or what, but right away he saw it and knew what to do. That didn't stop me from trying to get him to go up into the crawl structure with the other kids. I practically dragged him up, pushed him through the tunnels and other assorted areas, and eventually got him to a slide. He practically refused to go down, but I think my argument that the quickest way back down (where he wanted to go) was via the slide won out and down we went. No idea why he was so freaked out...can toddlers be irrationally afraid of heights?

I was trying to hold out on shelling out money for games because I figured we'd probably get something for free later in the party, but I gave in after a while knowing thata few games would probably keep him sane until the official partying started. And yes, he LOVED the basketball game. And he was actually pretty good at it. Nearly as good as me, in fact. I was quicker, but his accuracy was nearly as good as mine. We made a good team and racked up quite a few tickets, actually.After a few rounds, we headed into the party room for pizza and cake. Jacob ate ridiculously well, without much help at all. He ate an entire slice of pizza and a piece of cake, leaving nearly nothing behind. He was so cute. Here he is (end of the table), and two of the girls from his original daycare class are to the right. The birthday girl is in purple. You may remember her from last year's party.
The kids are all so big now! There were two others there from his class that I hadn't seen since the old daycare closed, so it was fun to see them all grown up! Sad that the ones that are no longer together don't really remember each other anymore.

After lunch and cake, we ventured back out to use up both our game card and the free one we got as part of the party. Lots of basketball and a few other games later, we had over 100 tickets and I was refusing any further attempts Jacob made to convince me to play more. Fortunately, just then out of the corner of my eye I saw that the roller skating light had been turned on. When I saw that this was something this place offered, I was intrigued. I mentioned it to Jacob and then he kept asking about it, though I had no idea if it was something he could do or if they'd be offering it that day. Turns out it was a rotation (maybe a half hour at a time) between roller skating and trikes. We headed over and got his skates (Fisher-Price roller blades) and a helmet. I flashed back to the days of my youth, going to roller skating parties with the rest of my school, and agonizing over my complete inability to skate well. I have a scar on my forehead to prove it, and my mom has an injured thumb that required a cast after we fell holding hands. Oops. Boys never asked me to skate, either, which was a bummer...but on this particular day, I had a boy that didn't want to let go :)

Here he is pretending he's a referee...doing his usual arm swinging motion...
He did fairly well but did go down a few times. I'll post a video later. He was relatively unscathed, though, and seemed to love the concept of skating like a hockey guy (well, sort of). Eventually the trikes became more interesting and it was about that time that things switched over anyway. And seriously, this picture cracks me up because of his shirt...too perfect :)
He attempted to use pedals a bit but never really got the hang of it. But still, he had fun. After that he was starting to get a little testy and it was long past naptime anyway, so we headed out. He picked out a pool ball keychain with his tickets (he's liked pool balls ever since some of his potty stickers featured them), and we headed out into the lovely weather to go home. He fell asleep on the way, but only ended up sleeping about an hour and a half. Ugh. Not what I was looking for considering we had some outside play and a Knighthawks game coming up.

Still, we went outside and also commenced our potty training trial. That didn't go so well, but more on that in another post. Anyway, here's Jacob playing, wearing a batting helmet, playing lacrosse, and using his hockey net turned on its side because it looks more like a lacrosse net that way, apparently. Oh, and he's not wearing a diaper there, by the way.

Showing off his shot...

It was a nice day to be outside (I also did yard clean-up while he was napping), and shortly after my parents arrived from a day of geocaching with friends on the other side of town. We headed out to meet the friends for dinner and the Knighthawks game. It was a great game, though Jacob fell asleep with a few minutes left. He woke up on the way out, but all things considered did well with bedtime at home.

With Craig on the road in Philadelphia on Sunday, I didn't rush us out of bed. We aimed for the 11:15 church service, and other than a couple brief moments, things went relatively well. We headed home for lunch and nap, and by the time Jacob finally fell asleep, it was nearly 2pm. I took a nap as well, and neither of us woke up until after 4:30. And we had an Amerks game to go to at 5pm. Oops. But obviously the nap was needed for both of us and we headed out, albeit a little late, to the last game of the season.

It seems like not that long ago that I was telling Jacob on a nearly daily basis that hockey season would be starting when the trees turned colors, and now here we are at the end of the season. No playoffs for the Amerks this year, so Sunday was it. We had a very nice time, although the corner full of knee hockey kids was a little exclusive and then Jacob was trying to fight me (like a hockey guy) at one point when I let him play with his puck and stick when we were hanging out in the production booth talking to a friend. But still, we had a pleasant night. I just felt bad that we didn't have time to play outside in the amazing weather. Still, the walk to and from the car was awesome and much enjoyed after a long season of cold, snowy, windy sprints from the lot to the arena and back with a 30-pound weight in my arms.

All in all it was a pleasant weekend. It was a shame that Craig wasn't here to enjoy it, but we managed. And we'll get to do it all over again next weekend since Craig is back on the road. I'm just so grateful that we had a good one this time around, because it should be enough to keep me positive for at least a bit as we head into another Craig-less weekend. No more games or parties to go to this time around, but I'm sure we'll fill the time. We may have one visitor for a bit, and I'm hoping the weather report improves, because that would be hugely helpful. This whole weekend was a nice reminder that we can be functional and that Jacob can be an awesome little boy. Let's hope it continues...

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