Thursday, April 7, 2011


As promised, here are a couple videos from Jacob's first attempt at golf. The first one was one of his first shots...

Sorry that this one is turned...I was taking pictures and forgot to flip my camera back to horizontal. I can flip it if I post it on Facebook, but not here as far as I can tell. Sorry for anyone who gets a kink in their neck turning to watch, but Jacob hits a really good shot here so it might be worth it :) Hard to see, but the ball ends up just a couple feet from the deck.

Not much to report this week. Jacob was still pretty testy yesterday and has been waking up after a very short naptime (like, a half hour--a third of what I normally consider the minimum necessary naptime) and being a menace to his teachers. He'll throw things, yell, wake up his friends, and be generally difficult. I don't enjoy having one un-napped child, so I can only imagine the pain of having up to ten. I get that Jacob hasn't been feeling well and that sometimes his cough wakes him up early. And we're certainly paying daycare enough to figure out a solution for when this happens, but I feel bad that there's nothing we can do about it. They left a note yesterday to talk to him about it, but that never seems to work. Anytime we talk to him about something important, he clams up, avoids eye contact, and gets otherwise distracted, so it's hard to impart important information because he's quite literally blocking us out. It is incredibly frustrating. The Supernanny book I was reading said that times of illness aren't the best times to discipline, but obviously this can't go unnoticed. It's a very tough balance. However, he should be feeling better after a day or two on the antibiotics, so his grace period is rapidly coming to an end. We put him to bed quite early last night, and he seemed to fall asleep very quickly. He slept through for the first time in a few nights, and I had to wake him up at the very last minute this morning. I'm hoping that a good night's sleep did him good and he was at least tolerable today. He's had a couple days with just one or two stickers, so I'm definitely hoping for more. He has yet to get them all, and the listening one has been especially elusive. I really hope he starts feeling better soon because we have a long weekend ahead of us where it's just the two of us, thanks to Craig's beyond busy schedule. The weather is looking better, so that should help. We also have a birthday party to go to and a couple games, as well. We have the last Knighthawks and Amerks' regular season home games, and while I normally I don't do both in a weekend, we haven't been to a hockey game since February so I think we're due. Undoubtedly it'll go quick, but bad behavior can ruin almost anything, as we know all too well. Should be interesting...

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