Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Deja Vu

Overnight from Monday to Tuesday Jacob woke up three times. He woke up once at 11:30, once at 1am, and again a little before 3am. All three times he was crying uncontrollably, thrashing around, and completely inconsolable. At one point he started saying something about his feet hurting. After the third wakeup I gave him Tylenol and he quickly fell asleep for the rest of the night. This morning I did some research on the internet about toddler foot pain and found a slew of instances of the same thing happening to other kids. Explanations ranged from growing pains to cramps to one relatively serious but treatable medical condition. In all cases (even the one actual diagnosable condition), there wasn't really anything we could do. I was content that it just might be unavoidable but not a problem aside from being up in the middle of the night. Tylenol seemed to work for pretty much everyone, so that would be the plan of action from the first wakeup next time. I knew Jacob would be tired this morning (so were we) which left me with pretty low expectations for today's behavior at daycare. A call came in around 1:30. Jacob woke up after a half hour of naptime, screaming uncontrollably yet again. This time, he didn't complain about his feet. Rather, this time it was his ear. His teacher was absolutely sure he was in pain, so I called the doctor and got an appointment. Sure enough...double ear infection. Back on antibiotics for pretty much the third time in three months. He's had a runny nose and cough pretty much all along, too. Poor thing. One of these days I hope he'll be healthy. Maybe then we'll see the real Jacob, one that isn't bugged by a constant runny nose or chronic cough or the full complement of ear infections or sore throats he's had this winter. I had an old friend mention on Facebook that her son was a different child after he had tubes. I don't really want to go to those extremes, and the doctors haven't mentioned anything like that (or tonsils or adenoids) yet, but it makes you wonder. Anything to make him feel good and help him put the best of himself on display, but I just want the string of doctors and medicines to stop. I know we're lucky because everything is treatable. A group of my friends from college know a family whose 10-year-old son has cancer and needs a miracle. Obviously compared to that this is nothing. Our child is alive and well, so so what if he has to go to a lot of doctors or take a lot of medicines. No, I don't want him to be in pain, but all things considered it could be so much worse. We'll get through it and he'll be fine. And so will we. But until then, it's just one more round of antibiotics. Hopefully spring will come soon and take the winter blahs away in the process. I noticed the grass looked a little greener today (and I LOVED the 60s late yesterday!), so hopefully we'll be enjoying the outdoors soon...minus the antibiotics.

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