Thursday, April 28, 2011

You Just Have to Laugh...

When Jacob is being a good boy, he's such an amazing kid.  He's funny, adorable, and so energetic.  And thank goodness, sometimes that energy is contagious.  There are times I need it.

Yesterday we had to run to Wegmans after I picked him up, and I was bracing myself for the worst.  Those trips usually go badly, and with crappy weather on the way (a tornado watch, no less), all I wanted to do was get home.  When I picked him up, he was pleasant, he'd gotten all five stickers on the sticker chart (he's done it a few times now), and by all accounts he'd had a good day.  Our shopping trip went relatively smoothly, even pleasant.  Jacob was kissing my hand instead of hitting it, for one.  That always helps.  He kept saying how things looked yummy, which was totally cracking me up.  By the time we finished shopping, I looked outside cautiously and saw that the clouds had officially rolled in and it was going to rain any minute.  Sure enough, the second we rolled outside, the rain started.  I ran us to the car, threw the groceries in the trunk, took the cart to a corral (with the wind it would have hit my car if I'd gone the lazy route), grabbed Jacob and ran to the car.  The drops were huge, the wind was strong, and in merely a minute in beginnings of the rain, we were soaked.  I even had wet specks of dirt stuck in my hairline and on my arms.  My car door handle had a puddle in it after being open for literally five seconds. 

I was worried I'd freaked Jacob out with my rushing around and all the rain and wind, but the second I closed the door and looked at him, he was all giggles!  He thought it was the funniest thing ever that we were soaked.  I sat in the back seat with him for a good ten minutes while the rain pounded the car because I just didn't want to get wet again.  I sent him into another fit of giggles when I tried climbing into the front seat, but I gave up that quest and just used the doors once the rain calmed down.  While I was never particularly comfortable with sitting in our car in a major thunderstorm with a tornado watch, sitting ducks for falling lampposts and runaway shopping carts, I was so happy that Jacob was there to make me laugh about it all.

Lately I've noticed Jacob picking up a lot of subtle little things.  He's always had an eye for detail, but now it's verbal stuff...and it amazes me every time.  I wish I could think of specific examples, but this morning will give you an idea.  One of Jacob's near-constant companions is a little eagle/hawk that wears a Knighthawks t-shirt.  I say "eagle/hawk" because the lines are blurry at the Blue Cross Arena.  There's a mascot that works for both teams--he's an Eagle for the Amerks (because they're the Americans, get it?) and I suppose he morphs into a hawk for the Knighthawks.  Jacob loves him, and his stuffed bird gets called both things at any given time.  Anyway, this morning he took off the bird's shirt.  At one point he asked if it would fit him (Jacob), and I said, "Does it look like it will fit you?"  A couple minutes later he ended up putting the shirt over his hand, with his thumb through a sleeve, and he said, "See, it fits me!"  I couldn't help but laugh...he was right!  Then a couple minutes after that, he wound up to throw the t-shirt and said, "Ready for t-shirts!" which stems from all of the t-shirt tosses at the many sporting events we attend.  The fact that he made the connection between the bird's t-shirt and those t-shirts sort of blew my mind. 

Oh, and did I mention that he ate all of his main course at dinner, asked for seconds, and then got treated to ice cream and strawberries, which he ate most of?  He also pooped in the potty before his bath.  Talk about a good evening.  It would have been nearly perfect if we didn't have to yell at him for playing golf a little too aggressively indoors.  Still, between Jacob and the warmer weather, my mood has improved dramatically this week.  I can practically see the landscape of trees that dominate my view at work turn greener by the minute.  Earlier this week it was primarily still brownish-gray, and today it's at least half green.  Not to mention the cheery forsythias, the slowly arriving tulips, the blossoming trees (our little one went from barely having tiny buds to being pink over the weekend), and the daffodils that are still hanging in there, thanks I'm sure to the cold weather we had previously.  Now if the rain and/or wind would just head out, that would be great.

On another bright note, I went to the doctor today for my loss of smell and taste problems.  She found that my nasal passages are quite swelled up, and prescribed an oral steroid to clear up that issue.  She also gave me an antihistamine nasal spray sample, and I'll go back in two weeks to follow up.  Beyond that, if the steroids do their job, then it's just a matter of finding a way to maintain it.  There may be an allergist in my future to help with that, and I couldn't help but wonder how the maintenance plan will be derailed next time I have a baby (I spent two years off allergy meds when I was pregnant and nursing), but it's a start.  The mere thought that I might actually be able to smell and taste within a couple weeks sounds too good to be true, but you can bet I'll be pretty happy to smell that first poopy diaper, despite my insistence that Jacob only poop in the potty these days.  There are about a million other things I'd rather smell, of course, but just once, I'll take that one just to prove I can.  I never realized how much tasting and smelling were a part of my life.  And while I miss fully tasting or smelling good things (and am often relieved when I don't smell bad stuff), I just worry about my ability to be a good mom when I can't sniff out trouble--literally.  The fact that I can't smell natural gas or smoke or even rotten milk scares me, particularly when Jacob and I are home alone.  I feel bad (a bit for Jacob and mostly for other people) when I can't smell a poopy diaper.  At least now he's old enough to tell me, but it still looks bad if he's stinking up the joint and I don't notice.  I feel like I'm missing part of the life experience without those senses, so hopefully they come back soon. 

In the meantime I just keep hoping Jacob will keep me laughing...

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