Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sports, Jacob-style

So remember the other day when I mentioned Jacob's little games on our living room floor? Here are the pictures to prove it! I'd post a video, but I think it might be too big. Bummer. But first, here's his hockey rink...

Notice the orange Zamboni (actually the tow truck from his Fisher-Price parking ramp), the M&M guy (red guy, facedown near the bottom of the picture), and the skating Smurf (laying just above the M&M).

And here's his baseball game. You can see Linus (in blue), Schroeder (the catcher), Charlie Brown (to the left), and two other Charlie Browns (a little figure and a stamper from a cool thing of Play-Doh), a Lucy figure, a little Atlanta Braves guy (Craig's team), one of the potty-prize cake toppers (green guy playing first base), and an army-guy-esque baseball guy on the pitcher's mound. Oh, and don't miss Lou Gehrig (a birthday present from a great-aunt and uncle) in the background.

Here's a quick clip of his real sporting abilities, taken at the end of the soccer game last cute is he?

Finally, here's our new kitchen table. I should have done a good before-and-after shot, but rest assured, this is much nicer than what was here. It's lovely and should work out really well for us. I hope!

Sorry, just excited to finally have a real table, so I had to share! And try#1 at having Jacob sit at the table went pretty well. I can't get the high chair in quite as close as I'd like, but it should work. We'll have to practice leaning when we eat, I guess :)

One more day of the weekend...hope you have a great one!

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