Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Yep, it's not even October and I'm thinking about Christmas. Why, you ask? No, I'm not suddenly getting organized and doing all my shopping now. I wish. In reality, we're already getting nearly constant reminders from Jacob. What does our little boy want for Christmas? Let's see...a hockey helmet, hockey gloves, hockey skates, a hockey net, and a goalie stick. Welcome to our world.

Last year around Christmas we talked to Jacob a bit about Santa, but we never got too in depth. He could recognize him when he saw a picture, but beyond that we're not sure he knew anything. I've often wondered how we're going to do the whole Santa thing in our family, since we're never home for Christmas morning. I'm not jazzed about bringing all of Jacob's presents with us and pretending Santa comes to Craig's parents' house (our car is full enough as it is, both coming and going), but I'm also not thrilled with the idea of leaving a bunch of Christmas presents sitting under our tree at home for our arrival after Christmas. For one, I don't really want it being a temptation for robbers seeking out travelers' empty houses full of presents. And two, I feel a little bad that Jacob will have to wait until we get home for those presents. Usually by the time we get home, we're exhausted and usually Craig will have to run off to work at that point anyway. It's all just awkward. But still, having the Santa card to play when Jacob isn't being a good boy is too much to pass up for the next few years, for as long as his belief in Santa lasts. And really, it's nice to live in that fantasy world for that time. Santa is magical and I would never want to deprive Jacob of that fun.

Our references to Christmas since last year haven't been that numerous. I mean, we've mentioned Christmas presents here and there, mostly when Jacob says he wants something and we say, "Maybe you'll get it for Christmas." And he will even mention that he'll get these things at Christmas, though he still asks for them often so I have a feeling he's sort of just repeating it back to us, rather than really understanding how the whole system works. Incidentally, I'm starting to think that blaming Santa when he doesn't get his gift of choice may be easier than blaming us, but whatever. Our only other common reference to Christmas has been to explain to Jacob that lacrosse season doesn't start until after Christmas. I figured it was the easiest landmark for him, and that once Christmas came and went, he'd realize lacrosse was finally coming. Alas, he still asks every day anyway, but I still think it's good to have that consistent target to mention, even if he doesn't have much concept of it. Right now it may not mean much, but he'll obviously get fair warning once Christmas season is really up and running!

The thing that's been cracking us up, though, is that he keeps referencing "Christmas house". He wants to go to "Christmas house" or thinks that these things he wants might be at "Christmas house". All we can figure is that he thinks that Christmas is a place we're going to go at some point, rather than an actual day or event that's coming to us. Ahhh, kid brains.

At this point I'm not sure which of his Christmas wishes will actually come true. We are getting him a hockey net--a little knee hockey one that we found on clearance at Target. He will LOVE it. And so will I, if he stops using my furniture as a makeshift net. And maybe we'll get him a mini goalie stick...that one's easy enough. We'd actually like to get him a real wooden stick for outside play that's curved right for him and is cut to his size. I think we can do it pretty cheaply, too. But the skates, helmet, and gloves? Ugh. The kid can hardly walk sometimes, let alone skate. So if he gets skates, he definitely needs a helmet, but I'm not sure I'm ready to let him skate regardless. He is so clumsy! And hockey equipment isn't cheap and will probably get grown out of long before he could ever play real hockey (and again, I don't know how ready I am to make that financial and time commitment--hockey is particularly brutal in both of those respects) is it worth it? He will love it, I have no doubt, but would something simpler and cheaper suffice in the meantime? He's got a good imagination, after all :) Suffice it to say that the next three months will be interesting...

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