Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Action-Packed Weekend!

I had spent a good chunk of last week looking forward to the rest of the week. On Tuesday I was trying out my new evening workout regimen (once a week in the evening--it went ok). Wednesday Craig had to work late so it was just me and Jacob for the night. I made pancakes for dinner (they're so quick to make and Jacob eats them ridiculously well--both important things when I'm going solo), we called my parents on the webcam (which Jacob gets all excited about, even if he only lasts a few minutes on my lap and talks only about sports), and had a pretty good evening. Thursday was an NHL exhibition game between Florida and Boston here in Rochester. Friday I wanted to go to our local Oktoberfest for dinner, and Saturday I was in Buffalo with Jacob to go to Craig's cousin's wedding (without him since he was working a lacrosse game in Syracuse). There was a lot of stuff in there, so it was busy, but it's always nice to have events to look forward to. It's fun to have real activities planned, and the less random free time we have, generally the less we have to deal with Jacob being difficult. Not always, but generally. If nothing else, we at least have something else to keep us preoccupied while he's being difficult.

Jacob had been looking forward to Thursday's hockey game since, well, April. He's been saying how he wants to go to the Blue Cross Arena and see hockey. He also wants to see lacrosse, but we keep reminding him that lacrosse games don't start until after Christmas. He's got a long wait, though it will probably go quicker than any of us think! That evening actually ended up being hellish for me. There was a super-major accident on my way home from work that backed up traffic so badly that I was more than 15 minutes late picking Jacob up. We were short on time as it was, so that set us back even more. Dinner was a disaster (Jacob wouldn't eat--he's been either hot or cold lately when it comes to food), and by the time we headed back into the city for the game, we were already over 15 minutes late for the game. They were still cleaning up the accident two hours after it happened, but fortunately we were on the clear side of the highway. We got to the game a half hour late, but it didn't seem to matter much. Jacob still loved watching it, and I had a little time to wander around with him and say hi to people. We ended up staying for the whole thing so it was a late night for Jacob, but it was a good time after all the initial stress. I pulled out the camera near the end of the game to try to document Jacob's first official NHL game, but only ended up with a couple decent ones. The one of the two of us below is actually pretty blurry, but I like it anyway.

And the extreme close-up as Jacob attacked the camera... :)
Friday was ridiculously hot here. It was in the high 80s and made for a warm evening at Oktoberfest. The Rochester Oktoberfest is held in Irondequoit, the next suburb over from Greece, north of the city and south of the lake. It was in a park where they had set up a HUGE tent (like circus tent proportions...bigger than I've ever seen, I think). We were lucky enough to get in for free, as some guy gave us a ticket on the way in, and the guy working the door was an usher or security guy at the arena, recognized us, and waved us through. That was a $16 savings, and thank goodness, because food and beer weren't cheap! I ended up having a yummy dinner of a German specialty that I'd been eyeing up since last fall when a couple local restaurants had it on their special Oktoberfest menus. Craig had a bratwurst and Jacob had a German hot dog. Craig had a couple beers and I had a Mike's (same price as the beer but tasted way better), and then we finished things off with a pretzel and a cinnamon twist pastry. So good. The German band sounded pretty authentic based on what I hear on Oktoberfest feeds, and the mood was festive. Jacob kept wanting to go out and "dance", but every time we got out there, he'd either jump up and down, lay on the floor, or take a baseball swing and "run the bases". Oy. Here's me trying to keep up with him...

After we had finished our desserts and couldn't handle him running away anymore, we headed out. Jacob went to bed once we got home and I got packing for our trip to Buffalo. I decided to leave late that night, for a number of reasons. Craig was getting up early the next morning to head to a work thing, and then he was off to Syracuse later in the day to work a lacrosse game, by request of the National Lacrosse League. I got the car packed up and we headed out at 11:15. Jacob stayed asleep for the whole thing, including the trip into my parents' house. Thank goodness. Of course, he woke up at about 7:15 the next morning and I was still beat, but at least I could pass him off to my parents and go sleep more!

The last time we came to visit my parents over Labor Day weekend, we tried to go to the Herschell Carrousel Museum in North Tonawanda. I lived in NT for over 20 years of my life and visited frequently in the last 10-plus years, yet I had never been there. The Herschell factory made carrousels for years, and now houses a museum, does restoration, and houses two carrousels. When we tried to go last time, we found out that to ride the carrousel, you had to pay the full admission fee ($5 for adults, $2.50 for kids) and got one ride for free. I'm not sure how they think they can charge that when malls charge a buck, but anyway...we opted to skip it that day since we were short on time. This weekend we came back armed with a coupon from the Entertainment Book and a bunch of free ride tokens.
We walked around the museum and saw lots of horses (and other animals), heard a band organ like you hear in most carrousels and learned how they were made, and finally got to the carrousels themselves. Jacob opted not to ride the kids-only one. I'm not sure how he would have done alone anyway, but it would have been neat to see him on a kid-sized one.

We headed over to the main attraction, and Jacob did great on his first ride. For his second ride we tried the spinning cup. It didn't spin all that much since I wasn't much of a match against gravity and g-forces, but I did learn how to let it work in our favor a bit. I'm not sure if Jacob liked it or not. He got awfully quiet. I guess I'll have to wait and see some other time if Jacob will finally become a new coaster buddy for me someday! Here he is trying to make us turn...

And here are my parents, still just a couple kids at heart...
Here's Jacob on his favorite horse, a red one...
Jacob took a nice long nap once we got home, but I wasn't there to enjoy it because I was off to Craig's cousin's wedding down in East Aurora. It was a little odd going to the wedding solo--not just without Craig, but without Jacob as well. The wedding was more casual than I'm used to, but it fit the bride and groom's personality perfectly and really made for a lovely evening. I don't really have any pictures of myself or anything that pertains to Jacob here, but I did want to post this one picture for anyone out there ever planning a fall wedding. I thought this was a great choice for decorating...pumpkins, leaves, gourds, and various glassware full of candy corns scattered everywhere! Yum! I did bring some home so Jacob could try his first candy corn :)

Apparently he was a very good boy while I was gone, but he did have some trouble falling asleep, which I alluded to yesterday. Sunday we got up early to go to church. He was a little chatty in church but never got bad enough that I had to take him out, thank goodness. As I also mentioned yesterday, he fell asleep in Target while we were killing time between church and lunch, and then didn't want to eat lunch at all. At least he drank his milk. We spent most of the afternoon playing outside, alternating between soccer and hockey. We met a bunch of doggies, scoped out my parents' new geocache, and enjoyed the lovely weather before heading back to Rochester. It was a busy and full weekend, but we had a lot of fun. Now on to another week...one night of hockey and that's about it this time around. But I guess that leaves us with a week full of possibilities!

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