Thursday, September 2, 2010

Baseball, Batavia Style

As I mentioned yesterday, over the weekend we took a trip to Batavia to see the Muckdogs play. They're in the same league as Auburn, but a good 45 minutes closer to us. The team may fold after this season due to low ticket and sponsorship sales, so we figured we should try to get there ASAP, just to experience it. They had a game Sunday at 5pm, so we figured that was a good bet to work around naptime and still get home at a reasonable time. We ended up getting there right around gametime, and found a long line waiting to get tickets. Apparently everyone else figured they should get one last taste of Muckdogs' baseball, too. Here's Jacob playing while we're waiting in line...He was a little hot and cold behavior-wise during the game. Luckily we had friendly people around us that didn't mind Jacob's craziness sometimes, and he managed not to crank anyone with his mini-bat. For a while he insisted on sitting on the ground, and eventually worked his way down into the crevice under the seats in front of us.
Near the end of the game we got up to walk around (and, admittedly, seek out ice cream, but the concessions were already closed), and Jacob had a blast running around this one area of the concourse. Here he is apparently catching a pop fly :)
And now batting, with Craig as the "pitcher"...

Jacob absolutely loved their mascot, Homer, and thankfully Homer was beyond friendly every time Jacob ran up to him. I actually missed meeting #1 when I was in the bathroom, when Homer signed Jacob's mini-bat. Meeting #2 was on the way out to the concourse before the pictures above, and Meeting #3 was while we were playing in the concourse. I finally got a good picture in meeting #3. That's one patient dog :)
At the end of the game, it was time for another round of baserunning. As you may recall, it didn't go so well in Pittsburgh. This time around, Jacob did fantastically! He needed a little directional help from Daddy, but ran great! AND I got this awesome picture of the boys when they were done! One of my favorites EVER.
We stopped at the Target in Batavia afterward to do some quick shopping--I'm panicking about the upcoming cool weather because the first handful of pants I tried on Jacob last week when the weather turned cool were all too short on him--and then headed home a little before 9pm. Jacob miraculously stayed awake for the entire 45 minute drive home. I have no idea how.

The game topped off a pleasant weekend. As I recall Saturday was pretty low key--some shopping for me (household stuff, nothing particularly fun) and then dinner out with one of my birthday coupons, this one for Red Robin. After dinner we did some quick shopping and made a visit to PetSmart to see the animals. We saw baby fish born that day, a bunch of kitties, and a huge group of big dogs in their day camp. Jacob loved it. I also picked up the most random early birthday present for myself. It was something that was on clearance at the Christmas Tree Shop for about $9. It looked a little like a sea monkey aquarium or something, but it holds "magic marbles". They're little gel-like balls that start out looking like the round head of a pin, but expand when you put them in water. Here's a picture of the "aquarium" and its contents. The little ones on the bottom haven't expanded yet. The button in the middle shoots air bubbles into the water to move the marbles around.
Here's what they look like out of the water. They're very colorful and are squishy and smooth. If you let them dry out they will shrink back to their original size and you can expand them again.
The package came with like, 500 of these things, and I've maybe used half to fill up the aquarium. I want to play around with them a bit--put some in a jar for my desk at work, keep some around for Jacob to manhandle, and who knows what else. Lots of places can always use a pop of color :) I think these might be pretty much the same thing that I've seen recently at craft shows used as soil, so maybe I could even do something fun there. It was such a random purchase, something I rarely do, but I thought it would be fun to play around with. And I just wanted to share :)

My birthday ended up not too bad. I did spend most of the day frustrated by Jacob's behavior the previous night, and he wasn't much better that evening. It had also been a quiet but stressful day at work, which didn't help. Lori came over a little after 7pm to watch Jacob so Craig and I could go out to dinner. I wanted to go to a hibachi place, because I haven't been to one in years and had really wanted to go again. After taking suggestions on Facebook, we decided to go to Plum Garden in Pittsford. I'd been there before but not for hibachi. We left Jacob screaming bloody murder, but Lori insisting he'd be fine. Apparently it took a little bit for him to chill out, but eventually he did and the movie Air Bud (the baseball sequel, not the basketball one) saved the evening. He was just getting to sleep as we got home. We had a wonderful dinner (Craig had chicken, I had steak) and I've enjoyed leftovers of the fried rice, veggies and steak for the last two days at lunch. So good. And very entertaining as well! I highly recommend going to one if you've never been. We finished off the night with cupcakes and some TV watching. A pleasant end to an otherwise so-so birthday. Now Labor Day is upon us. One last ditch effort to enjoy the summer (and our pool--it looks almost normal for the first time since about mid-July) this weekend, and then we're officially headed toward fall. Crazy!

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