Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fun Weekend!

We were looking forward to Saturday all last week because we knew it was going to be action packed! But first, Friday night we kept busy as we grabbed some dinner (love free entree coupons!) and did a little shopping at Target. Jacob was relatively good the entire evening--he didn't eat fantastically at dinner but was at least pleasant for 99% of it. Thank goodness.

Saturday we had a birthday party to go to in the afternoon, and we were planning on going to the Rhinos' game that night. Jacob has been begging for a game (any game!) ever since the last baseball game we went to, and we hadn't done a Rhinos game in a while. The weather was going to cooperate, so that was a relief. Anyway, the birthday party was for the four year old son of friends of ours. It was at the YMCA across town, and it was a pool party! Jacob fell asleep on the way there and was so cranky when he woke up. Getting him in his bathing suit was downright hellish. He screamed bloody murder. He always likes to be wearing shoes (I think it makes him feel like more of an athlete) and he screamed when we took those off. He screamed when we took off his shirt, which was a new lacrosse shirt we found at Target the night before. The whole experience was brutal, but once we got out and into the pool, he loved it! The water was warm and there were balls to play with, a dumping bucket, and noodles. We swam for a half hour or so. I wish I had some pictures but water and digital cameras don't mix so I never really got to take out the camera and shoot since Jacob was practically attached to me for most of the time we were in there. After that, we headed back to a room (I think it's a pre-K room during the week) for pizza, cake and presents. Jacob thoroughly enjoyed it all, particularly the cupcake. This picture looks a little dark on my screen, but hopefully you can see the smile on his face!
After we left Jacob stayed awake for the whole drive home and put up a bit of a fight at naptime, which I knew would happen the second he fell asleep on the drive there. If he gets that one little bit of nap, he'll get a second wind, minus the mood adjustment that comes with a good nap. Meaning, he'll be wide awake but he'll stay cranky. Still, eventually he went down, and went down hard. We had a good couple hours to do whatever we wanted. Craig napped and I tackled yardwork I'd been dying to do--I pulled weeds and trimmed a ridiculous number of plants--including the huge evergreens on three sides of the house, our massive rhododendrons, and some of the out-of-control plants by our back patio. It felt great to get it done, but I was BEAT after that. I could hardly lift Jacob because my forearms were so tired!

We had to wake him up so we could get to the soccer game relatively on time, and as a result, were stuck eating dinner there. Jacob ate a hot dog and Craig and I split a wrap. We wanted to go sit down ASAP, so once Jacob was down to a couple bites of hot dog bun left, we headed to our seats. Of course, Jacob held onto that bun forever, because once we got into our seats he was transfixed by the game. You can see both--transfixed Jacob and the bun remains in his hand--in the picture below...
Near the end of the game we headed down near the field to see Rex the Rhino (strangely, it feels so much better to know who's in the costume) and get in position to go out on the field after the game. Jacob had been talking about it all night. Here he is with Rex...

And here's a picture (sadly, the best one) of our time on the field... Jacob was constantly moving (hence, all blurry pictures) and it was hard to get a good one because there were always other people in the way. Jacob made a beeline for the opposite goal the second we got on the field (ugh...long run down) and then ignored the fact that there were numerous big kids using the net. He kicked a couple in despite the chaos, but then got nicked by a hard-kicked ball and was done with that for a while. He got hit out in the middle of the field, too, so it was a no-win situation for him. Still, he had a blast. He wants to "do it again" soon. Playoffs are coming, and hockey's just around the corner, too. Before we left the field, I wanted to try to get a good picture of the two of us. I've been jealous of the fabulous picture I took of Craig and Jacob after the baseball game a couple weeks ago, and wanted to try for one of my own. Of course, I forgot to change the video setting on the camera, so Craig's photo attempts ended up as short video. And the actual photos weren't great. But here's a cute second of video :)

Sunday we had another unfortunate church experience. We lasted until the sermon, at which point Jacob started talking (and even got in quite a yell as we were heading out) and we retreated to the family room. He was difficult in there as well, enough so that a woman walking around with a baby girl asked if he was two. Hmmm, are the terrible twos that obvious? ;-) I'm guessing she had a little boy elsewhere in the building that she was using as a frame of reference.
After lunch and getting Jacob down for his nap, I headed out for some shopping. My main objective was to go buy a kitchen table. I'm not sure if I ever mentioned it, but we've been using my parents' original kitchen table in our kitchen for the last six months. Our old house only had a dining room, so we used a nicer hand-me-down table in our dining room as our main table in our old house. We got it near the tail end of our apartment living, and before that I had used my parents' table. It's a small table with two drop leaves that are apparently not very reliable, though I've never had problems with them. But it's 40 years old and darker wood than our kitchen, not to mention that we're using dining room chairs in there, too. Anyway, it's a small area for a table that seats four, but it's possible. The old owners had a round table in there, and I do think they used it because she was very overprotective of her dining room table. It looked awkward, though, and I wasn't sure a high chair would fit in a setup like that. I opted to look for a rectangular table so we could put one end against the wall and sit two per side. I had found one at IKEA that was reasonably priced and had a look I liked, but as usual had the issue of finding a way to get one humungous box back here, plus dealing with things like customs and evil Canadian taxes and exchange rates. I ended up finally getting to a store here that specializes in dining furniture, and found a nice one that was the size and color I wanted, a more modern style than most, and even had a formica top, which will be a little more durable against whatever Jacob or future children throw at it...literally. It was a little more than I wanted to spend (in my cheap world), but it was way on sale (more than $200 less than the MSRP and and extra $50 off the current sale price for Labor Day) and I figured it was worth spending a little more for the quality. Let's hope it was a good choice and we all like sitting at it. I think it will be easiest if we lower Jacob's high chair to table height and ditch his tray (much like we did at our old house), just to save some space and start transitioning him into eating at a normal table just like us. It's going to be a challenge, but there's no time like the present. Maybe this way he'll learn it's not appropriate to dump his fruit out of the bowl every single time. Wishful thinking, I'm sure.
All in all, it was a nice weekend. Just one thing planned for this weekend coming up, and not much this week as far as I can recall. I'm sure that will change...like, for starters, I have to get Jacob some more pants. Most of last year's jeans are goners (and the rest of the hand-me-downs have giant waists...oh, my skinny little boy) and I don't want him ruining good pairs that I want to keep for weekends! Oy. Have a good week :)

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