Friday, July 30, 2010


Yesterday when I was writing up my post I was looking back in the archives to reference a couple things I blogged about last year. I couldn't help but smile a bit reading back on our summer vacation last year. It was just a "staycation", other than our short trips to Buffalo and Pittsburgh. We crammed a lot into that week, from visits to the Corning Museum of Glass and Bills' training camp, to time with family and lots of wagon rides. We had a great time in Pittsburgh and did our best to make the most of the time off of work that we could spend together as a family.

It's almost that time of year again, and I have yet to lock in my vacation days. Craig's calf injury sort of put things on hold, since we were hoping our vacation time would include another trip to Pittsburgh for another ball game and a couple activities we missed out on last year. However, with him unable to walk comfortably, it didn't really make sense to do the full 5+ hour drive to Pittsburgh when we would be limited in our activities. Time is ticking down, though, and we both need a break. We're determined to try to get to Pittsburgh in a few weeks for a cool giveaway at the Pirates game, and now that Craig's going to therapy for his calf, hopefully he'll be a bit more mobile by then. No guarantees, but I think we can somehow make it work, even if it means a lot of breaks on benches or leaving Craig in one spot while Jacob and I explore a little more deeply. He'll have his Blackberry to keep him company, if nothing else. Call me insensitive, but I refuse to watch an entire summer go by without having a little adventure here and there. I like going places and seeing new things and finding cool photo ops. It's nice to get a little break from the day-to-day busyness and have the choice to rest or spice things up with a little trip or some other unusual outing.

Last year as we were gearing up for vacation, I had a long list of "to dos" prepared for the week. I looked at that week as our one shot to give Jacob the full summer experience. When I was a kid I had plenty of opportunities to do fun things, mostly because my mom stayed home until I was eight (and part time after that), and beyond that I had an active group of family members (namely two aunts, an uncle and a grandmother) that liked to go out and do things, be it visiting a place like Artpark (cool spot in Lewiston, NY that always had crafty things going on), hitting up a summer food/ice cream joint, or just going out shopping. Doing that stuff during the summer really seemed special because it was a rarity during the school year. As a very little kid, I spent a lot of time outside on the swing set or in the sandbox or kiddie pool, and I feel like Jacob's time doing those things is so limited. He gets a completely different experience at daycare, of course, and it has its own merits, I'm sure, but having a week to spend with Mommy and Daddy doing different things has to be special. But the thing is, this year I'm feeling a little stumped. Pittsburgh could take up 2-3 days, but beyond that, I'm not sure what we should be doing.

The one thing I do have on the list at the moment is mini golf. Jacob plays hockey much like he would putt, and for some reason he's been mentioning golf a bit lately. He sees Craig's clubs in the garage and knows what golf is, and we've actually been wanting to take him mini-golfing for a while. However, as a life-long serious mini-golfer (seriously--I hate when people cheat or screw around...chalk it up to being the child of golfers who took a trip to Putt-Putt more seriously than most), the last thing I want to do is be one of "those people" that lets their too-young child terrorize the course. That means that busy Fridays and weekends are out. So, when we're off during the day, I think we'll have a better shot at a less busy course. There's one a few minutes from our house, and there's one classic one that I'd love to try that could potentially be less busy (but I'm not sure--good excuse to try it, though). It could either be really fun(ny) or really frustrating, but I think Jacob will enjoy it either way.

But beyond that, I'm just not sure. We could hit up Bills training camp again, go to the zoo (or even the Buffalo Zoo), swim in our pool (assuming it's ever not green again), make a return visit to the spray park, or make our first visit to Chuck E. Cheese. I'd like to hit up Seabreeze, our local amusement park, but I think it will be better next year when Jacob is taller and can ride more rides. He's got about 2-4 inches to go before he's tall enough to ride more of the kiddie rides. If Craig has his way, he'll want to go to the drive-in one night. As much as I love the one drive-in we visit periodically, it's a long haul and I'm not sure I want to do the drive-in thing with Jacob again for a while. Part of me thinks we should do a "date day" with just Craig and me, but again, I'm not feeling particularly drawn to any specific activities to make it a priority (though after last year's vacation, I swore we'd have to do it this year). I'm sure there are things to do, but right now I'm just sort of stumped. Maybe finally head to the public market? Seek out the best playgrounds in town? Finally let Jacob try bounce houses and inflatable slides at one of those places? Finally get my bike back in riding shape and ride by myself? I suppose the possibilities are endless and I'll just have to throw a bunch against the wall and see what sticks. Vacation can't be a bad thing, no matter what!

In other news, in light of Jacob's recent bumps and bruises, I'm finding myself hesitating as I stare at the permission slip from daycare asking if Jacob can use the "moon bounce" at this carnival next Friday. It's a carnival that's open to the public, I think put on by the church whose building the daycare uses. Daycare is visiting it, and for $3 Jacob can have fun in the moon bounce. The money isn't really an issue as it's all for a good cause. I'd like Jacob to be able to do something fun with his friends, but after the playground incident on Tuesday and my realization that maybe he's just extra clumsy, I'm just not sure what to do. Do I give in and risk another incident? Or do I hold off since I won't be there to supervise and I know he's accident-prone? Hmmm. I did find out this morning that Jacob is officially "moving up" at daycare on Monday. He'll finally, officially be in the two-year-old room. He'll be reunited with some old friends and lose out on a few current ones (for a while--I assume some will move up soon, if not at the same time), though the two rooms tend to do a lot together so he'll still see everyone. The big change is that the two-year-olds go on field trips. That will be cool, though scary for me since I won't always be there to keep an eye on him. Hard to believe he'll be in his fifth level of daycare since he started. Crazy. My little boy is growing up!

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