Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Party, Potty & the Pool

The title of this post pretty much sums up the weekend. Friday was spent preparing for Jacob's birthday party, Saturday was spent finishing up the preparations and actually having the party, and Sunday and Monday were pretty much pool days. And as for the potty, well, another small step. Twice over the weekend Jacob sat on the potty and actually dribbled a little pee in. Of course, the first time it happened was right before a bath, and the second Jacob got in the bath he did a full-on methinks he doesn't quite have the concept down just yet. But he did get a little toy each time (tiny baseball guys I got at Party City that usually go on cakes), so at least he has motivation to do it. He doesn't get another one until we get a full-on pee stream into the toilet, or a poop, for which he will get two guys. So, small steps. for the rest of the weekend...Friday and Saturday were exhausting. With Craig out of commission, it was all up to me to get things done. He could chip in a little here and there, but I had to do the running around, the food prep, and the majority of the house cleanup. I took off Friday to get a lot of the prep work done, and it was a very productive day--grocery shopping, cake baking, party supply buying, house cleaning, etc. Saturday morning and early afternoon were crazy as well. Cupcake baking, taco dip making, cake frosting, last minute setup in the yard...the list seemed to go on and on. Lori came around noon to help with preparations and distracting Jacob, and was a huge help. Miraculously, things were pretty much ready to go when people started arriving. I still spent the majority of the day somewhere in and around the kitchen, and I never got to go in the pool. I only got to socialize a bit and did, of course, come out for gifts and cake, but as a whole the day wasn't very relaxing. And, quite frankly, I didn't get to spend much time at all with Jacob. Thank goodness for grandparents and cousins who kept him occupied! I know he was running around like a maniac, though...playing basketball and teeball and swimming in the pool. He was a little distracted during gifts (meaning, each gift was almost too interesting to bother opening others), but he seemed to really like what he got. He enjoyed being sung to at cake time. He's been singing "Happy Birthday" for weeks, between his own birthday and a number of birthdays in his daycare class, so I think he thought it was pretty cool to have everyone sing it to him (again). He mowed down his cupcake and shared my cake and ice cream as well, which was nice since most parties we've been at recently he hasn't been interested. As hesitant as he was to go to bed, he dropped off pretty darn quickly. And while the remaining party-goers hung out in the living room at the end of the night, I snuck off to jump in the pool for a few just float there in the quiet evening and take a minute to myself and relax. It was probably the best five minutes of my day. But as a whole I think things went quite well. Everyone was well fed, the kids had a great time in the pool and playing in the yard, and people seemed to have a great time socializing, mostly in the small patches of shade. The house got rave reviews from everyone (speaking of which, I will get pictures up here one of these days, I swear), and as a whole it was a good day for pretty much everyone far as I could tell from my spot in the kitchen, anyway :)
Here are a few pictures from the day...
Here's my attempt at cake creativity. Thank goodness the picture makes it look better than it really did. I tried to make my own red frosting for the baseball stitching, but couldn't get it red enough no matter what I did, so I had to go with store-bought. And those aerosol-ish cans are evil. I like the control of the pastry bag so much more. Ugh. And in case you don't see it, the chocolate cupcakes are in the shape of a bat. I ended up doing a chocolate cake and white cupcakes, and despite my constant fears of cake failure with the egg-free method, everything turned out okay. The cake was shorter than I'd like it, and it shrunk away from the sides, but it tasted good and looked better than last year. The cupcakes didn't separate from their wrappers like the daycare batch did, and they were also quite tasty. Not bad for my second to start thinking about next year :)

On to opening's Jacob's bubble mower from Lori. I do have a picture to post of Jacob using it, but I haven't uploaded it yet. Soon, I promise.

Here's Jacob kissing a monkey beanie baby from Great-Grandma Ellman. She's got quite the beanie collection and Jacob loves playing with them. She gave him three monkeys and a dalmation...and he loves them!

Here we are getting ready for cake!

The rest of the weekend was pretty low key. Between Craig's calf and Jacob's early bedtime, we ended up not doing anything for the 4th. I had hoped to come downtown and watch fireworks from my office, but I think the rest of the weekend was draining enough and we opted to just hang at home. We got in some good family pool time on Sunday after my parents left (they stayed over after the party), and gorged on leftovers for dinner. Monday we went to the Pizza Hut buffet for lunch (so bad, but my favorite place to go for lunch on weekdays off!) and came home to get Jacob down for a nap. Once he was out, I went out to the pool to lounge on a raft, only to find that some tubing from the filter to the pool had sprung a leak! After a mad scramble, Craig fixed it (bad leg and all) and we both ended up chilling in the pool for a long time. Jacob slept for quite a while, and we took full advantage. A pool is definitely the way to enjoy 90 degree weather like this. I did get a little sunburned, but dare I say it was worth it for the absolute bliss for that hour?
We've been back to the grind for a couple days now. Craig has a walking boot splinting his calf and I'm still his chauffeur. It's not particularly convenient because it adds a lot of time to my commutes and means I can't really stay late at work or go to the gym immediately after work because I have to pick up Jacob by 6pm. On the bright side, Craig is a little more mobile, but we're still not sure it's worth taking time off this summer since he can't really walk the long distances that normally come with any sort of vacation we'd take. Yes, we can hang out at home, which we'd probably do for the majority of the time off anyway, but I'm not sure how much hanging out at home I can handle, knowing I'd rather be out and about at least once in a while. I'm all about exploring and doing things when I have free time--and honestly, it makes taking care of Jacob much easier when there's stuff to see and do--so I'm not sure how compatible my vacation style is with Craig's injury. I keep hoping it'll get better enough to be functional, but it's not looking promising right now. And it's sad for a lot of reasons, and not all for just my selfish reasons. Hopefully we can find some sort of compromise. Summer is far too short!

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