Wednesday, July 21, 2010


All of a sudden, we've entered the "Why?" phase. Ugh. Jacob will literally ask "Why?" five times in a row. And yes, we indulge him by trying to give a reasonable answer each time. I generally don't mind giving him an answer each time because I figure it will only help his language development and will help him understand cause and effect with a lot of things, but there's a point at which it gets ridiculous. And truly, I'm not sure he understands what he's doing. I don't know if he picked it up somewhere and thought it was funny, or if he really gets that there's a reason for things and he wants to understand why. But some of the things he asks about aren't really things you can answer "why" about, so I'm not sure if he's just doing it to be funny, or if he just doesn't comprehend that not everything has a specific cause and effect. A typical interaction is as follows:

Jacob: "Daddy play baseball?"
Us: "No, Daddy can't play baseball."
Jacob: "Why?"
Us: "Because it will hurt Daddy's leg"
Jacob: "Why?"
Us: "Because Daddy has a boo-boo."
Jacob: "Why?"
Us: "Because he hurt himself playing softball."
Jacob: "Why?"
Us: "Because Daddy's getting old."
Jacob: "Why?"
Us: [Perplexed silence] "Ummm, because he is?"

So, yeah, eventually it gets to a point where you don't have an answer. Usually we get there more quickly than that, but that's generally how it goes. I try to be patient because I know it's all just a process of learning, but sometimes it's not easy! I knew this phase was coming, but hoped we'd avoid it. Oh, well.

Let's see...what else is new? Jacob is growing up so much these days. He talks non-stop sometimes, even if it isn't about anything in particular. He repeats himself a lot, which I hope is normal. Sometimes he's just downright obsessive, talking about things long after I figure other kids would have moved on to something else. Unfortunately, that trait also holds true for many tantrums, and he will cry and carry on about the same thing for quite a while. We're definitely finding it challenging to hold our ground on some things when the tantrum has gone on for so long, but it's a fine line between giving in and restoring sanity. We've been having some trouble at bedtime lately, which is partly due to our weekends being off schedule and partly due to having some evening activities that led to Jacob falling asleep on the way home, just before or right around bedtime. He'll sleep through getting his PJs on and then suddenly wake up, and then he'll be awake for an hour or more beyond that. It's led to some awfully late nights for him, and quite a bit of frustration for us. We'll be up in his room numerous times--and that's probably about half as often as we could be in there based on how he'll carry on sometimes. Craig wants to give in more than me. I'm constantly thinking about how I don't want him to get used to having us come in whenever he calls (he's already figured out the drink of water trick and apparently keeps very good track of the dozen stuffed animals that normally live in his crib, asking for whoever's missing), but I think Craig sees visits to his room as another opportunity to calm him down for good and get us some peace for the night. Sometimes I win, sometimes he does. Jacob usually sleeps through pretty well, though periodically will call out in the middle of the night. But it's rare that we're up for long, if at all. But evenings have been tough. I guess it just points to the importance of a schedule.

He's doing a little better with his eating these days, as long as he likes what he's been given. He ate a big bowl of mac and cheese for lunch the other day, the piece and a half of pizza last Friday, and a good sized bowl of spaghetti on Monday. I don't know if it's anything near what his peers might be eating, but I know our sense of portion sizes are warped these days so I'm guessing it's not as bad as it seems. He's growing, so he's eating somewhere! He loves fruit and will generally eat all of what I give him--grapes, nectarines, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries--so it's nice to know he's at least getting something healthy with meals. He's still a little timid with anything he doesn't recognize, but we'll get there. I'm trying to make sure I'm not doing the "short order cook" thing, but sometimes it's a tough call when you want to make sure your kid eats. There's always bread, cheese and fruit!

He's a challenge sometimes, that's for sure, but who can resist that sweet smile?

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