Monday, July 12, 2010

Busy weekend!

I'm trying to savor our weekends these days because summer goes all too quickly and we only have a handful of uncommitted weekends left. Coming up in the next few weeks we have tons of stuff going on, much of it in Buffalo, so I'm trying to enjoy what time we have here while we have it. Unfortunately, I'm still a little frustrated by Craig's calf injury, because as quickly as I think of something to do, it's shot down just as fast when I remember that Craig can't really be on his feet a lot. It makes most "fun" things a little tough, especially when we have a little two year old child who likes to run and doesn't really want to sit still very often. It leaves it all up to me and my good legs, and my energy wanes after a while, particularly in heat like we've been having. Still, we try. We can only take Jacob running around the house and yard so much.

As usual, I was hoping to do something fun on Friday evening but it just didn't work out. I made pizza at home and it ended up being a quiet night in. Saturday morning was much the same. After lunch, Jacob ended up going down for a marathon nap, affording Craig and I some pool time, and even some bonus nap time (for Craig) and miscellaneous time (for me). I finally went in to wake Jacob up after over three hours, because dinner time was coming and I didn't want Jacob to be too awake for bedtime. It must have been a great nap, because he woke up with quite the case of bed-head...

We went out to dinner at Famous Dave's Bar-B-Que down the road (thanks to a BOGO coupon from Facebook!) and had a pretty good time, starting with the happy bear on the way in...
Interestingly, the place was crawling with kids and families--no less than three big tables in our section alone. It was yet another reminder that we really need to get some friends with kids. But after years of working too much when everyone else goes out, I think we're finding it hard to be social. Anyway, there was one table near us that fed my pregnancy obsession because there were these two cute couples. Both women were pregnant, and each couple had one kid about Jacob's age--one boy and one girl. The moms were talking about how they were hoping not to go at the same time so they could visit each other. Man, was I jealous. I mean, not only do they have this cute setup of two couples with kids about the same age, but now they're having babies together. I knew a bunch of pregnant people before I was pregnant and a bunch after, and even had a bunch of pregnant coworkers when I was pregnant, but I've never been close enough to another pregnant woman like that. I hope to next time, maybe thanks to Facebook or something, but yeah, I'll admit I was jealous.
Anyway, dinner was great and Jacob was relatively well-behaved for most of it. After that we decided to head to the lake to enjoy the nice evening. Jacob and I took another ride on the carousel to see if he'd do better than he did last time. As you may recall, his last ride involved some tears, but this one went much better. He got a little nervous when it started turning, but he slowly came around once we got talking about the horsies. By the end he was admitting it was fun, but you'd never know it by the picture...

After the ride we headed down to the beach. I wanted to let Jacob walk in the sand a bit. He wasn't so sure at first but eventually he seemed to enjoy it. Of course, then he started throwing sand, so that wasn't so cool. I tried to distract him by walking down to the water, but when we got there the water was disgusting--dark brown and thicker than water should be--so we skipped dipping our toes in. We opted for ice cream instead. Craig was a trooper, walking around quite a bit.
More walking was on deck for Sunday. We planned to go to the Red Wings-Bisons game Sunday afternoon. Originally we were aiming for Saturday night, but Sunday had a giveaway and postgame running the bases, so we decided to hold out. The weather was hot, but more tolerable than many games we've sat through before. We had great seats (ah, connections...) and had a really good time. We ended up doing a lot of walking around later on to get out of the sun and satisfy Jacob's restlessness, but we somehow made it through the whole game. I give much of the credit to the little Little-Tikes-esque play area in the concourse. A little playhouse and slide kept Jacob occupied for at least 20-30 minutes. Oh, and did I mention Jacob only managed a half hour nap beforehand? Yeah. Here's our happy boy showing off his swing...

Look at that view!
Postgame we headed down to the field so Jacob could run the bases. He'd run them once at Craig's softball game, but this was a big field! He didn't quite get the concept and I had to keep encouraging him along since he'd stop every few feet. I have no idea why. I finally got him running enough to snap a picture coming up the third baseline, just before his high five with Mittsy.
Here's my proud little boy after reaching home plate!
He was practically asleep the second he was in his car seat and took a good nap when we got home, good enough that I had to wake him up for dinner. As with Saturday's nap, it still managed to impede a decent bedtime (though both nights he was relatively well-behaved in bed--just a couple minor outbursts) so we're getting back on track yet again on a weeknight.
All in all it was a nice weekend. An allergy attack most of the day Sunday wiped me out, and Craig was pretty spent from all that walking. We didn't get the pool time we would have liked, but hopefully another hot week will give us some evening swim opportunities. We should have a fun weekend coming up, with visits from family and visits to family. And it's non-stop from there for a while...deep breaths... :)

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Zack said...

Hi, I saw your post on the parenting blog, and I randomly read your post about more kids. I just wanted to share that I am a psychologist and a mom with 3 kids. It isn't always easy, and my husband and I both work full time. However, I've found that with each child I actually tend to stress less. I'm not going to lie...the newborn stage is hard (especially if you breastfeed), but after that stage, it gets easier. You have more joy, and you stress less. Also, when counseling, I can honestly tell you that children with siblings are SO MUCH better adjusted. Even though I have counseled some great only children, they tend to be neurotic and worry so much about everything (e.g. slight changes in routine) even if they aren't overly indulged. I just wanted to share my perspective that things in the bigger picture seem actually more manageable with more children (2,4,&7).