Thursday, July 8, 2010

Random picture day...

As I mentioned at one point, I've been stocking up on a couple of random photos that didn't really have a logical place in the blog...or that I didn't have a chance to upload before posting. goes...

Sleepy Jacob just as we arrived at the drive-in a couple weeks ago. He fell asleep on the way there, woke up moments after this picture was taken, and didn't fall asleep until some ungodly late hour that night, after the 9:20 movie and the 30 minute drive home. That must have been one heck of a power nap. It's also the last official picture of him in the rear-facing car seat in my car, assuming I don't decide to switch it back.

This series of pictures was just a random photo session for no apparent reason. Jacob was trying on his new sneakers and running around with his lacrosse stick. This is probably one of the most common Jacob views in our house...

I'm not sure what this face was, but I'm convinced it's a precursor to some handsome, brooding face he'll use to pick up women when he's older ;-)

Who says Jacob never smiles in my pictures? This is proof...

And another smile, albeit the "cheese face", this time sitting in his chair (it used to be mine!) and holding his beloved otter.

This one is from Sunday when my parents were in town. They wanted to get a picture of his goalie stance. Seriously, the kid is two...and yet, great form already.

This is from Sunday night when we took the new bubble mower out for a test mow. I had some problems getting the bubbles to go, but I'm not sure if I did something wrong or it just takes speed, or what. It's been too hot to want to go outside and play this week (well, Jacob will do it anytime, but Mommy is less eager), so we haven't done another attempt. But still, I think he will enjoy pushing it around, even if he's not smiling here...because he never smiles for my pictures ;-)

And finally, a little clip of Jacob taking a swing at his new baseball tee. Again, he's only two :)

Other news and notes:

- Jacob woke up three times last night, for the first time in a while. He also had a restless nap yesterday, enough that daycare called, warning us that he was complaining of ear pain and might have an ear infection. They seem to think that a lot and they're about 50/50 on their accuracy...most recently a couple weeks ago (they were wrong on that one). My diagnosis is teething. His two bottom molars are in but the top ones aren't, and usually his worst pain is before they're really even visible. The bottom ones never seemed to bother him but perhaps the top are just worse. Teething is pretty much the only thing that screws up his sleep, and I suppose upper jaw pain is in the vicinity of the ear, so that might be our culprit on both counts. Tylenol has been working, so hopefully we can keep it under control.

- He has been making us laugh a lot lately with some random little things. Yesterday morning he told us that "Woody drinks coffee." We have no idea where that came from. He's talked about Woody a little since seeing Toy Story 3, but we have no idea how Woody became associated with coffee...particularly since neither of us drink it. On Sunday, my dad was juggling for Jacob, and he loved it. Ever since, he's been trying to do it himself, with, of course, disasterous results. But when he says, "I gungle!" we can't help but laugh. Then, we have a stuffed moose we named Muffin, because he is supposed to be the moose from the book, "If You Give a Moose a Muffin". Kohl's was selling them a while back for $5 and he was too darn cute to pass up. Jacob has taken a liking to him lately, and it is the cutest thing ever when he sees Muffin and says, "Hi Muffin!"

- I just don't know what to make of kids' clothes. Jacob is pretty firmly in 24 month or 2T clothing, except for shorts, which he can wear very small thanks to his tiny waist and not having to worry much about length (at least, not like with pants). He's even got a pair or two of 12M shorts floating around right now. They're borderline, but they're fine for now and only seem to get tight with a full diaper. Most of his shirts are at least 24M right now. And yet a bunch of the clothes he got for his birthday are HUGE. Most of them are 24M, and while the shirts are close, they're still bigger than would be ideal. But the shorts? Holy cow. They're halfway down his calves and quite loose in the waist. It's so weird. Some brands fit him well and some are so off on his proportions. These clothes are mostly Okie Dokie brand from JC Penney, which I generally have liked and had decent luck with. But some of their stuff is just way weird on proportions. There was a set he had a while back where the shirt fit him two winters ago, but the pants just fit him this year! And the socks were almost too small from the beginning! So strange. I guess women's clothes are no different, but seriously, how hard can it be to manage sizing for two year olds? On the bright side, they should fit him well next year unless he porks up considerably.

- Jacob and I had a lovely little moment the other night, just before bedtime. I got him to sit down with me and watch pictures on our digital frame. There are pictures from our entire digital camera life on there--so August 2006 and beyond. Jacob seemed to really enjoy it, or at least appreciated it enough to sit still and cuddle with me for a good 15 minutes or so. We were only interrupted briefly by his quest to get his otter (pictured above) when a picture from the day he got him flipped past. But it was truly amazing to look at some of the pictures from so long ago, to see Jacob so little and then look at the real thing next to me in all his big boy glory. I'm not sure he understands completely that the pictures of the little baby are him, but I think we've been drilling it in his head for so long via pictures around the house that he knows those pictures are significant for some reason. He does recognize slightly older ones of himself, and smiles when he sees them.

I guess that's enough for today...enjoy the weekend if I don't have a chance to post before then! Thank God for short work weeks!

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