Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lots to catch up on!

It's been a busy near-week since I last posted. I have a feeling the past few days will have to be discussed a bit here and there, though I won't have much time to do it with all that's going on. I managed to upload pictures last night so I can start picking away at how we've been spending our vacation. So far it's been fun!

But first, let's flash back to two weekends ago. It was our second straight weekend in Buffalo, this time for Canal Fest and a family reunion. We headed up to NT Friday night so we were ready for the Canal Fest Craft Show first thing on Saturday. My parents, my Aunt Sue, Craig, Jacob and I headed out. It's always a nice walk if nothing else, and some good food, as well. Jacob slept through the entire thing last year, and we skipped lunch just to make sure he made it through still asleep! This year he enjoyed looking around and especially enjoyed the animal crackers at this one booth that had dip samples! He also liked some fries we had with lunch. All but my mom and Aunt Sue left right after lunch, but they stuck around to check out a mini flea market setup nearby, and when they came home they had a freebie that they picked up from someone's free yard sale. I'd been wanting to get Jacob a walking toy since I know he likes them at day care, and this was a perfect price! It just needed a little cleaning! Here's Jacob putting it to use...
Saturday afternoon we headed to Craig's parents' house, where we slept overnight so we were only 15 minutes away from my reunion the next morning. We were hoping to get to the beach (crappy though it is at Camp Pioneer...lots of rocks!), but the weather didn't cooperate (again...what else is new this summer?) so we ended up improvising. We spread out the blanket on the floor of the shelter and played with Jacob's new beach toys there!
Now on to this past weekend and the beginning of our vacation. We headed up to NT Friday night for a little welcome party for my brother John, his wife Kristin, and their seven-month-old daughter, Kate! My parents went to Portland to visit when Kate was a few weeks old, but it was the first chance to meet her for the rest of us. It was only a brief visit on Friday since she went to bed shortly after we got there, but we stayed through until Monday so we knew we had plenty of time to enjoy her. Saturday morning was nice. Everyone but Kristin and me and the kids headed out to golf, and since the kids napped great (well, once I took Jacob on a walk), we had a rather pleasant morning. In the afternoon we headed out to another family reunion, this time on my mom's side. The weather was pleasant for a change and we had a nice time. Jacob loved swinging in a swing there (he's finally decided he likes it!) and we ate a lot of good food while the kids hung out on a blanket. Well, Jacob ventured off periodically, but we had a pretty good afternoon overall. Both kids were sleeping by the end of it, and I think we all went to bed pretty early that night. Here are a couple pics from the day...

Could Kate be any sweeter? :) I'll have more pics of the kids together and from the rest of our weekend coming up in another post. Hopefully I get one out before Friday, or else I will be woefully behind after another big adventure!

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