Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Finally I have a chance to post some pictures from the rest of the weekend with John, Kristin & Kate! Either I didn't have the time or I didn't have the pictures, and now I finally have both! So...here goes!

Here's a cute picture of Kate leaning on Kristin's arm and the armrest of a chair...so cute!

My dad was determined to get a picture of him with both grandchildren, mostly to use as his profile picture on Facebook. Getting two babies to smile at once is a challenge, and this was about the best that I captured...

Ahhh, the wagon. My parents' neighbor garbage picked an old rusty Radio Flyer for them. My parents sanded it down and the neighbor took it to work and repainted it. It actually looks really good. Jacob enjoyed his first few rides in it this summer, and we got both kids in it this time. They really enjoyed the ride...particularly the bumps!

Taking walks or going on car rides seemed to be the only thing that would knock Jacob out all weekend. I don't know if it was the excitement or if he's just getting to the point where rocking is less effective. We haven't been home enough to really test the theory out, to be honest. That will all change this coming weekend, thankfully. Anyhoo, my mom took Jacob for a wagon ride Monday morning, and he fell asleep sitting up. Seriously. She laid him down, and just look at my sweet little angel boy :)

Such a nice picture...

Finally....here's Jacob's new ball, courtesy of Godmother Lori. It's nearly as big as him, but he still manages to throw it! I just thought he looked so cute sitting there holding it!

That concludes the weekend...finally. Shortly after I took this last picture we piled in the car and headed home. We had 3-1/2 days back in Rochester, and hoped to make the most of them before piling back in the car to come back to Buffalo to meet up with Craig's family for a weekend in Pittsburgh. Stay tuned for more...

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